How To Heat Your Premises In Winter: The Different Solutions

One of the most important human needs happens to be heating . Indeed, in winter, heating is an absolute necessity that cannot be avoided. The need for heating in the winter period is so important that French legislation goes so far as to formulate a requirement for employers in this sense. The latter have the obligation to keep their premises at a “suitable temperature” in the winter period. Suffice to say, the temperature in winter is unbearable without a suitable heating system. Fortunately, there are ways that allow man to heat his premises in this freezing period. This article aims to present the different heating systems . Today, the most fashionable types of heating are those that consume less energy and pollute as little as possible. There are many heating systems on the market that can perform both of these functions.

The presentation of each heating system will mainly focus on its advantages, its disadvantages and of course the question of cost will also be addressed. The various heating systems found on the market use all types of energy, in particular wood, gas, fuel oil and electricity. This heating system uses wood energy that can be used for this purpose in several forms. It is important to choose the fuel you are going to use carefully, because the quality and cost of the heating and the performance of the system will depend on this choice. The most used fuels are logs and pellets. One of the main advantages of this system is its cost. In fact, the various fuels used for heating with wood cost relatively less than gas or electricity. The average price of wood fluctuates between 0.03 and 0.06 euro per kWh.

The Bioethanol Fireplace

This heating system also has the advantage of distilling homogeneous heat and a pleasant scent into the home. However, heating with wood has its drawbacks. This heating system requires having a large space to store the wood and a regular supply. Moreover, if old Slovenia Phone Number List appliances are used, this heating system pollutes. Fortunately, if you want to enjoy the fire of fireplaces without their drawbacks, there is a solution: the bioethanol fireplace. The bioethanol fireplace One of the solutions for heating your premises in winter is the bioethanol fireplace . This heating system has been gaining momentum in recent years. For its operation, the bioethanol fireplace needs ethanol. It is a flammable liquid obtained from animal or vegetable raw materials.

This chimney consists of a tank for ethanol and a burner. All you have to do is light the burner and enjoy the warmth that this fireplace distills. The success of the bioethanol fireplace in recent years is due to the fact that it does not require any work. It certainly produces fire, but unlike conventional fireplaces, it does not produce ashes, dust or smoke. Another advantage of this fireplace is its mobility. Indeed, it can be moved at will. Thanks to its aesthetic side, the bioethanol fireplace helps to decorate the room in which it is located. In addition, the ethanol used by this fireplace for its operation is a renewable energy. However, this fireplace has some drawbacks. Indeed, it is not as efficient as other heating systems . In addition, if it is placed in a poorly ventilated room, it can produce carbon monoxide which can be fatal.

The Installation Of Oil Heating

This fireplace is not environmentally friendly and ethanol is expensive, which makes it expensive to use. The price of the bioethanol fireplace varies from 80 to 2000 euros depending on the dimensions and models. For more information, you can visit the website . electric heating As its name suggests, this heating system uses electrical energy for its operation. Before installing electric heaters at home, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of electric heating . As the main advantages, this heating system has a rather low purchase cost. Indeed, the price of a radiator varies according to the type. All the same, we see that the minimum price for all types is 20 euros. As for the maximum price, it is 2000 euros.

Another advantage, the supply of electric heaters is really abundant. In terms of its impact on the environment, electric heating contributes very little to the greenhouse effect. As for the disadvantages of this heating system, you should know that unlike its relatively low purchase cost, the operating cost of electric heating is rather high. Another disadvantage of this heating system is that the quality of heating depends on the model of radiator used. To this end, it is therefore necessary to choose with the greatest care the radiator that you will install at home. If necessary, it is better to contact professionals or by visiting the website. gas heating This is one of the most widely used solutions for heating premises in winter . This heating system uses natural gas.

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