How To Properly Organize Your Trade Shows?

Would you like to participate in a professional event to improve the image of your company? Do you have to organize a fair to expose the qualities of your services? Let us tell you that everything requires a minimum of preparation. To succeed in your project and attract a large number of potential customers, you must start the preparations days in advance. To help you, we offer here some simple and practical tips. When you have to organize a trade show , start by defining the meaning you want to give it. To this end, choose a theme as well as the objectives. These must be based on your field of activity as well as on the development plan of your company. Here are some examples : The sale of new items; The presentation of new services; Meeting other partners.

You should also set a target number to later measure your return on investment. To determine a theme, you must analyze the profile of the visitors and potential partners you wish to win over. They usually represent officials from other professional organisations. So consider the typology of their business, its functions and the services it offers. For this first step, you must also define the terms of participation in your trade show for visitors. Depending on your objectives, you can set an entry price for your stands or leave access free and open. This is also the time to think about the composition of your show (conference, business meeting, exclusive sale of products, etc.). The necessary budget A trade show remains a communication action that brings benefits of all kinds to your company.

The Balance Sheet Of Your Trade Fair

So, it seems obvious that you must put the price it takes on the organization even if it may require large expenses. To avoid encountering difficulties along the way, plan the necessary budget Jamaica Phone Number List now: include the expenses that will go into preparing for the show as well as the funds you already have. In general, for this communication action, you can invest between €5,000 and €15,000 for a bare stand. Then add the following items: The cost of setting up the stand; Decoration costs; Rental of equipment and furniture; Staff costs; Animation costs, etc. Remember, however, that these prices may vary depending on where the show is held, its notoriety and the time of year.

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The place and date of the event For an action of such magnitude, you should not wait until the last moment to choose a location. Months in advance, define a framework for your activities based on the area of ​​your business and the objectives to be achieved. Also, depending on the scope you want to assign to the event, choose a date accordingly. Holidays, for example, represent a period when economic players are looking for new partners. In choosing the location, we also recommend that you choose a place of international or regional renown.

The Layout Of The Stand

The more people your salon attracts, the more you will achieve your goals. Other preparations for the trade show As the day of the event approaches, there are a few more important details to think about. The goal of this distant organization remains to put all the luck on your side in order to achieve your goals. Event agents To enhance the appearance of your business during the show, you must refer to a hostess in the event. It has all the assets and potential to carry the brand image of your company. Indeed, hosts and hostesses represent employees of an agency specializing in major events such as trade shows, seminars, international meetings, conventions, etc.

They will take care of guiding visitors to your stands or to specific members of your team. They can also answer simple questions and spread your company values. So do not forget to use the services of a reputable agency to cover the organization. If you wish, you can also solicit entertainment professionals or artists. All this will help attract more customers and potential partners. The layout of the stand Depending on the chosen theme and your budget, you have different layout options. You can opt for a: A modular stand: rental of different pieces of furniture to create your framework for action; A packaged stand: a place prepared and delivered by the organizer of the show; A made-to-measure stand.

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