How To Welcome Customers On The Phone?

The telephone has now become an indispensable tool for work. In business, telephone conversations with customers greatly impact marketing returns. It is therefore important to know some rules of good telephone communication with customers in order to increase your customer portfolio. In this article, we offer you some simple rules and practical advice for welcoming your customers on the phone. From the first moments of your interview with a client or a prospect, you must immediately know how to establish a good climate of exchange between yourselves. Initiate the first sentence with some greeting phrases and identify yourself. Generally a simple first name is sufficient, but you can also specify other information such as your name and your title in the company.

You must absolutely avoid the “  hello  “? which often amounts to letting the interlocutor speak first. For a shy customer, that would be quite frustrating. You must therefore lead the interview by taking the first initiatives. Moreover, by knowing who he is dealing with, he will be more reassured and more open. You must also take some small information about him: his name, his company and others. In order not to be mistaken about this information, it is recommended to repeat it to have the client’s confirmation. If the latter is frequent on the phone, he will always be delighted when you recognize him without him showing up again. Customer relationship management software will undoubtedly help you in this direction.

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Let the customer speak and pay attention After the formal greetings and introductions, it’s the client’s turn to speak. But first, a “  how can I help you?” would be much appreciated. The customer then confides in you. Above all, do not interrupt him , listen Kuwait Phone Number List to him carefully. This step is decisive, because it will determine the effectiveness of your response to the customer’s concern. If you didn’t catch a detail, don’t hesitate to ask again, but in an empathetic way, with a slightly low voice. The client needs to know that you understand their situation and if there was a problem, that you sympathize with their pain. This will help her open up more to you. Make the right choice for the resolution of the customer’s concern If you can find an answer to the customer’s concern, great.

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But if not, be prepared to hand over. Indeed, some questions may not be your responsibility and in this case, a more authorized way will undoubtedly make it possible to satisfy certain people. If you get the answer, go easy on it, in a tender, soothing voice. Especially avoid negative expressions such as “problem”. Instead, use terms like: Solution Concern Your vocabulary must always go in the right direction. It would also be useful for you to explore the right vocabulary for receiving calls and answering the phone . If you need to put the customer on hold, ask them politely. Waiting is also a crucial moment and you absolutely must avoid annoying your customers .

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This is probably the place to pass on useful information about the company and its current news. To do this, favor terms such as: “  we are taking advantage of this slight delay to inform you that…  ”. The caller may also be entitled to music on hold, ideal for relaxing the nerves. Please avoid long waits. The customer can quickly lose patience and end the communication. If you lack ideas, do not hesitate to call on specialists to have a professional telephone hold configured for you. When you return after a wait, it would make sense to thank the customer for their patience. A “sorry to have kept you waiting” is always nice. Find the best way to take time off It is always appreciated to conclude a telephone communication well. First take the time to ask your customer if he is satisfied.

or if he has other concerns before saying goodbye to him. Then thank him and let him know that the company is available to welcome him back. What you absolutely must avoid when welcoming a client It is highly inadvisable to cut off a customer who is talking to you. On the contrary, favor active and silent listening. Similarly, when you have the floor, avoid speaking too loudly or too softly. Speaking too loudly can make you rude or nervous in the eyes of the customer who will avoid opening up to you while listening to the communication. Also avoid the client having to address you on your voice, by speaking too low. If you’re eating or having your morning coffee, just don’t answer a phone call from a customer. In this case, a pre-hooked will do, waiting for you to finish your cup.

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