How To Work In The Best Conditions In The Office?

This is certainly the wish of all office workers. Indeed, working in better conditions can have significant repercussions on the quality of work. And it’s not wrong! For example, a study conducted by Invitation Digital Ltd, a marketing firm based in the United Kingdom, reveals that 79% of employees are productive for only 2h 53min out of the 8h working day. To this end, if the poor management of working time is the main cause of this lack of productivity, it is also necessary to underline the poor working conditions offered by the office. So, is it normal to ask: how to work in the best conditions in the office? How to work in the best conditions in the office? As a well-known proverb says, “who wants to travel far takes care of his mount”.

To this end, if you want optimal working conditions in the office, you will have to pay money. Thus, work furniture is one of the fundamentals in which to invest . By reading Ergomag, you will discover the essentials of an ergonomic office that can increase your pleasure in working. Furthermore, it should be noted that today the trend in work desks is towards the electric desk with all the comforts it brings. Adjustable according to your morphology or your state of health, it adapts to several positions thanks to its automated system. But, we must not neglect the chair or the office armchair. The latter now benefit from many other accessories that offer any employee a fairly high level of working comfort.

Create A Healthy Work Environment With Plants In Your Office

The advantage of such furniture is that they prevent you from suffering from rheumatism and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Adopt the Hong Kong Phone Number List standing posture seated at the office Do you want to be better at performing your various tasks at the office? Indeed, finding furniture is good! However, many studies show that staying in a standing or sitting posture for too long could affect work efficiency. Therefore , it is therefore necessary to alternate between the two postures standing and sitting .. Work method proven in the largest firms, the standing work posture comes from Silicon Valley and gives those who work in an office exceptional ease. To this end, as mentioned above, the choice of furniture (table and armchair or chair) must be scrupulous.

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For example, you could opt for a swivel chair with an adjustable seat, a table that can be adjusted up to a certain height and a footrest to further facilitate the standing-sitting posture. Moreover, in North America and in some Scandinavian countries, the standing posture is also very trendy. Indeed, if it seems a priori uncomfortable, it allows according to many specialists to maintain a certain concentration at work and to be less heavy. In general, the advantage of opting for a sitting or standing standing posture is the ideal curvature of the back that one adopts during working hours, but also the fact of being present in mind at task. Optimize working time in the office The optimization of working time in the office consists of spending little time at the office while being as productive as possible.

Work In A Well Ventilated Area

Like most effective work methods, it is widely practiced across the Atlantic. To this end, instead of the generally practiced 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., some North American companies opt for “9 to 5”, ie being present in the office from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This indeed has several advantages. First, on the psychological level, this work method allows less stressed with much time spent with family. But, in another context, the “9 to 5” is a good choice when you want your employees to avoid traffic jams. All of these positive aspects have strong repercussions on the quality of work and on employee morale. Foster a good working atmosphere In an office, the good working atmosphere is a significant asset when you want to have a high work performance. This begins with courtesy between employees.

Indeed, conflicts always with a minimum of frustration among staff. Nevertheless, who says good working atmosphere also says divergence of points of view. To this end, it is therefore conflicts harmful to good humor that . Conflicts that promote consensus, the search for an adequate solution to a problem must, on the other hand, be privileged, even aroused . Besides, don’t we say that it is from contradiction that light springs? In addition, the good working atmosphere also a low-noise office. We all agree that nothing good happens in noise. In this context, therefore, without campaigning for absolute silence, which is harmful, you must favor relative calm in your office . This allows concentration at work. To this end, if your office is in a noisy area, you can take measures to isolate the noise. In this context, acoustic insulation through double glazing or an office partition is a solution to explore.

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