Many Hypotheses and Draw Interesting

Google Ads is getting more and more complex and Google is trying to help advertisers with that. The optimization score encourages advertisers to “optimize” campaigns. To improve the optimization score, Google Ads gives all kinds of recommendations. Often there are good tips in between, but not always. So how do you get the most out of these recommendations? In this article I try to help you on your way. The optimization score Google introduced the optimization score some time ago. To keep your Google Partner badge, your optimization score must be at least 70% by 2021 . In addition, Google gives tips on how to improve the optimization score. However, it is also important to remain critical of these recommendations.

Hypotheses And Draw Interesting

Google Ads Optimization Score For example, a common tip from Google to improve your optimization score is to increase your budget. You will receive more clicks and extra conversions. And your optimization score will get a big boost. That sounds good! But not every advertiser will be able to deploy extra budget just like that. Budget Google Ads Brunei B2B List Google Ads makes up your budget In addition, optimizations are often recommended in which ‘machine learning’ is applied. Campaigns are automatically optimized using data. That sounds nice and often works quite well. And yet there is one but. Take, for example, the common advice to apply ‘maximize conversions’ to your campaign. Everyone wants that of course! And if your optimization score increases by more than 40% as a result, that’s a nice bonus. The ‘maximize conversions’ function tries to achieve as many conversions as possible for you using historical campaign data. Completely automatic!


And Draw Interesting

Also read: Combine SEO & SEA and get more out of your campaigns But if you really delve into this ‘optimization’, you will also find that Google Ads does something else. Google Ads will always try to make up your daily budget. Even if it cannot achieve that many conversions for you based on campaign data. And that is of course not a good strategy for every advertiser. Google Ads conversions However, Google has recently been showing recommendations that reduce costs and improve the performance of your campaigns. That’s a good development. In my opinion, these recommendations could only be displayed a little more prominently. Lower bids Google ads Advertisers can only spend their budget once. You want to do this as efficiently as possible with the best possible result.

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