I Therefore Regularly Split These Campaigns and Offer a Higher

Furthermore, I always keep a close eye on the CTR (Click Through Rate) and the bounce rate. Especially on mobile you regularly have to deal with miskicks that can be disastrous for your performance. Tips Before you all spontaneously start creating YouTube campaigns, I would like to give you a few tips: For example, choose (by means of selective optimization ) for which conversion action you want to use your campaigns. If you don’t do this, all conversions that are set at the account level will be selected. I often use a soft conversion (for example ‘longer than 5 minutes on the site’). This soft conversion will achieve a campaign much faster than a ‘hard conversion’, giving the algorithm more data. Another tip is to set up campaigns specific to a particular device.

Regularly Split These Campaigns and Offer a Higher

I therefore regularly split these campaigns and offer a higher CPM for desktop and even higher for TV. The last tip I want to give you is setting frequency limits. Allows you to set a maximum number of impressions and views for the same user. This can be set per day, per week or per month. I myself use the standard 10 UAE Phone Number List views per day and sharpen it if necessary. Advertising Set YouTube Frequency Limits Other options Finally, I would like to take you through a number of cool possibilities within advertising on YouTube. Fire Lift Study The first is the use of a Brand Lift study. A Brand Lift study works like this: you start a standard YouTube campaign as always, but now you add a brand impact measurement. Adding this will give YouTube users a survey question before they see a video.


Split These Campaigns and Offer a Higher

This happens to people who have seen your ad as well as to people who have never seen it. Small catch: Google only offers this with a YouTube ad spend of €20,000 per month.  By means of ad sequencing you can show videos to a user in a certain order. So if the person has first seen video A, then he will see video B and finally video C. Ideal for storytelling! YouTube Masthead The stunner among the stunners is without a doubt the YouTube Masthead. This is the option to buy off all advertising space on the YouTube homepage for one specific day. The result is a huge reach and traffic.

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