If a Searcher Falls Within Your Radius and Searches

This also offers the possibility to respond to reviews. With Google My Business you actually make an interactive business card: the better you do this, the better the first impression. Local pack results In addition, a Google My Business account ensures that you are visible in Local Pack results . These are the local listings under the Google Maps map. This allows searchers to immediately see where you are located, along with the Google reviews you have collected. Searchers can also instantly start directions to your business. Screenshot of Local Pack results in Google. 2. Research the search behavior of your target group To cite the example of the pest controller: it does more than just fight pests, of course. This fights wasps, woodworms, oak processionary caterpillars, mice, rats and stone martens. Suppose this party provides its services in a region of 30 kilometers.

Searcher Falls Within Your Radius and Searches

Then you suddenly have a lot of keyword combinations on which the pest controller must be found. Whether you are an employee responsible for SEO, SEA, online marketing or an entrepreneur who does this yourself: your time is valuable. You want to make as much impact as possible within the time you Canadian Pharmaceutical Email List have available. In this case, you do not want to focus on search terms that have hardly any search volume. That’s why it pays to do keyword research. And this can be done in two ways. Traditional keyword research In which place names is the service most in demand? Once you know this, you will also know which keywords should be your focus to get started with SEO and SEA campaigns. This article provides more information about how to conduct good keyword research. Test and optimize with Google Ads But there’s another way to research your target audience’s search behavior.


Falls Within Your Radius and Searches

And that is by simply testing with SEA campaigns. Set up a paid campaign with keywords that you found from your keyword research. Bundle the keywords in your ad groups to get a good idea of ​​the results. After 14 days you will know the result and you can adjust with new keywords. And if you get it right right away, you know you’ve got a good keyword. You can set up this local SEA campaign in two ways: You set local keywords such as ‘vermin control place name’. With this, the searcher really has to search for the place name in the search. If a searcher falls within your radius and searches for the set keyword, your result will appear. In this phase it is all about gaining insight and feeling about the search behavior of your target group. This way you know which keywords to focus on with SEO and SEA. Screenshot of a local SEO campaign in Google. 3. Build trust on the landing page If your company is not located in a specific location, but you do provide products or services there, it is good to mention this in your text.

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