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Every industry and every online webshop is unique. Ask yourself if you know your customers well enough to know they won’t read the product description. Are the visitors who come to your site all scanners? Extract the content that matters most to them through compelling examples and visual ways to showcase the relevant information. What makes this product different? What is the distinctive character? For example, BlaBlaCar immediately shows that they have the advantage that transport can be easily arranged via the website (by means of the call-to-action button ‘find a ride’ and ‘place a ride’). Furthermore, BlaBlaCar also shows that they are affordable, with the text ‘this will be the cheapest ride you’ve ever made’. BlaBlaCar product text In the early years of BlaBlaCar, there was much more emphasis on a clear explanation of the service and its benefits.

Impact Measurement Is Also

Now the returning visitor is the primary target group. You can see this because the explanation of the service can only be found after scrolling on the website. 10. Go Big This last example shows how you can apply the product description formula to really see results. VanMoof followed the simple formula we mentioned earlier, but instead of Singapore B2B List just writing out bullet points, they used the list to create a storyline across the entire product page. The page is long, but captivating and visual. It answers any questions a new customer might have. And it still uses a simple paragraph to showcase the product in an engaging, smart form that is signature of the brand. Overall, it’s important to know your audience first to determine what kind of content will speak to them best to increase conversions. The ecommerce product description formula works for most brands, but is just a starting point.


Measurement Is Also

VanMoof product description Think visually. Add images and optimize your product images. Get personal when you need to. Check Google Search Console to identify popular terms so you can improve SEO traffic to the product page. People love to buy from people they trust and trust building is based on what you sell. Before you create or commission your website design and before your website builder gets to work for you, think about how images and descriptions can work together to tell your story to customers. A convincing product description always pays for itself Share your knowledge about the product. Tell stories and explain even the smallest details. Make an effort not to be boring and surprise your web visitors with tempting descriptions. Above all, write with enthusiasm because your passion for your products is contagious. Know your audience and know your product.

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