Website is Important for You to Implement Because

To create this sitemap, you can use the yoast seo plugin and you can easily create and add a sitemap to your website.

Optimizing websites to be mobile-friendly
a mobile-friendly website is important for you to implement because now users have been doing a lot of internet activities using mobile media.

To optimize the website to be mobile-friendly,


make sure the theme or design template on your website supports responsive themes that can be accessed on various devices such as desktops, tablets, and cellphones.

If you have, you can test or test your Greece Phone Number website whether it is mobile-friendly or not by testing on google’s mobile-friendly test .

Increase website loading speed
website speed performance is important to optimize

because it can be a determining factor for website rankings.

To find out how well your website is performing,

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please open gtmetrix . Then enter the url on your website

and you can test the performance and analyze it based on the value and analysis points displayed.

Apart from analyzing speed, you can also upgrade your hosting package which can be customized.

Then, you can also use a cdn to help increase the performance of your website loading speed.

Fix broken links
links that are damaged because the content of the website page has been removed because it is no longer used, etc. Also need to be repaired. Because broken links have the potential to interfere with google’s crawling process on your website.

You can check for broken links on your google

search console account by going to the crawl errors section .

After that, if you find error points, you

can fix them according to the recommendations or the instructions shown.

optimizing wordpress seo is an important part for

you to do in order to facilitate the steps in your online marketing in order to get a lot of visits so as to bring in buyers.

You can apply the wordpress seo optimization method by following this discussed article.

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