In Business: How To Resign From Your Position Without Making Waves?

For a thousand and one reasons, you may no longer want to work with your boss. Maybe to start your own business or to join another one. Perhaps because you consider your remuneration too shabby or rather the working conditions appalling. In any case, it is not forbidden for an employee to quit his job. But what’s important is how you left. As you can imagine, resignation is often not welcomed by company bosses. This means that there is a good chance of parting with him on very bad terms. Are you planning to quit your job, but still want to maintain a very good relationship with your boss? Find out in this article everything you need to know how to get there. You don’t quit on a whim. You need a very good reason at the risk of making a fool of yourself or losing all your advantages.

At the same time, others are placed in the lot of resignations for personal reasons. Legitimate resignations These are the cases where you are forced to resign because there is no other choice. In this lot we store: Your safety at work : when you are attacked or harassed at work , when you feel that your development is undermined, you can resign. Besides, don’t stop at resignation. Take the matter to court for compensation. Indeed, by deciding to resign, not only do you save your skin, but also, you participate in the extermination of these practices in the administrations. It is a courageous act. In most cases, when you defer to a court, there is no chance that your legitimate resignation will not be recognized. You will receive substantial compensation. The cessation without reason of your remuneration :

Breaking Your Contract Without Making Waves: Option Of Business Creation Leave

In the event that your boss cites reasons to justify his behavior, you can rely on the decision of an industrial tribunal. This will determine whether your employer or you have sufficiently relevant reasons. If his decision is in your favour, you will get compensation. Other reasons for resignation Professional misconduct : in the event that you have committed serious professional misconduct, you will be obliged to lay down the apron. These cases Turkey Phone Number List do not happen often since it is possible to find an agreement with your boss. Nevertheless, for personal conveniences linked to your esteem for rigor in the work, you can resign yourself to leaving. A new job : this is the case where you find another job opportunity. This must have necessarily put you in more advantageous conditions than your current job.

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In this same category is the creation of your own business. Love : if you are ready to give everything for your better half (Marriage or PACS), you can quit your job and go live far away with her. In this same case, it is possible to get an unemployment benefit. Warning ! You must make sure that you have prepared your professional vacation period well. It would not be good to quit a job and become unemployed again. This is why if you plan to leave for another job opportunity, you must make sure that the position is really acquired. If, on the other hand, you plan to become your own boss, make sure you have already arranged everything so that it will start automatically after you have terminated any employment contract. Leaving and finding yourself unemployed is not a good option.

Breaking Your Contract Without Making Waves: Option Of Abandoning Your Position

Breaking your contract without making waves: conventional termination option It’s the easiest way. You can thus terminate your CDI by mutual agreement with your boss. To have it, you need a certain prerequisite: Have worked for at least 2 years in the company; Have been irreproachable in the execution of your tasks; Have not committed any serious fault. If these prerequisites are guaranteed, you can start the procedure. To do this, you need to assess the financial capacity of your company. This allows you to judge the limit within which the company will be able to pay you compensation. After that, arm yourself with relevant reasons to justify your decision.

Then meet your boss, talk to him in the most respectful way and ask for a conventional break. You need to know that your boss has nothing to gain by keeping you against your will. But if you face a lack of response, after 15 working days, consider that you have obtained an agreement. You can therefore exercise your rights as a former employee. Breaking your contract without making waves: option of abandoning your position It is also a mode of breach of contract. It boils down to the unjustified absence from your workstation. This absence may be justified by a legitimate reason or, where applicable, may be unauthorized by your employer. The risk By opting for this method, your employer can not only take sanctions against you (dismissal for serious misconduct, for example) and in this specific case can decide to no longer pay you your salary.

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