In Social Media Marketing, Timing Is Crucial

But with handy options with which you can easily search for that one extension, turn a certain or even all extensions off and on with one click and remove an extension with one click. One-Click Extensions Manager screenshot 2. Find Copied Texts China Phone Number List with Clipboard History Pro You might know it: those recurring tasks where you have to look for a certain color code, HTML code, or standard text every time. Clipboard History Pro is a handy shortcut for that.

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Keeps track of what you copy and stores it in a list. You can also save your favorites there. With a click on the Clipboard icon, you always have your frequently used or recently copied texts at hand. Screenshot of Clipboard History Pro 3 & 4. Save Tabs with Toby & Notion Web Clipper This tip shows that there is a great need for a way to organize open tabs in the browser. With Toby, you can save all your open tabs with one click or drag them.

China Phone Number List
China Phone Number List

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And when you click on it, LanguageTool offers suggestions for improvement. I turned on the extension while writing this article and some emails and it worked really well! LanguageTool’s suggestion 10. Analyze your website with SEO Minion is an extension that makes it easy for you to perform your daily SEO tasks.

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