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In the same way as on YouTube, this increased amount of content makes more space available to advertisers. Furthermore, it could also be an option to place video ads on the free version of Google Stadia. You can place these as prerolls, before someone gets access to the game, but also as an incentive. This means that you watch a video, and then earn more lives to play longer. You see these types of video ads more often in mobile games on your phone or tablet. Whether this is a desirable addition for Google itself remains to be seen. With Google Stadia they want to offer a positive gaming experience that is comparable to consoles.

In Value In Those Micro

Basically, this means that you should also be able to connect your controller to a Digital Out of Home (DOOH) display. DOOH is a digital advertisement that the consumer can encounter on the screens outside the home. An example of this in Canada Business Fax List practice can be seen in the video below. In this, consumers can connect their phone to the DOOH screen and play a game, and then collect their prize in the physical store. If an advertiser wants to unpack, they could launch a higher rendering interactive ad through DOOH.


Value In Those Micro

The consumer can connect to the DOOH screen via Stadia, and then interact. Google may still be able to respond to this on the basis of responsive DOOH ads, with various presets that you can personalize with your own brand. However, the operator of the screens might then have to move away from the current proposition, Suppose there will be a major game launch that will support Google Stadia in a while. To further promote the game, the developer may offer an exclusive demo on DOOH screens, which anyone can connect to a Stadia controller. After completing the demo, the developer can link to the player’s account. In addition, the developer can make it interesting for the player by linking a certain incentive to this. In this case, that would be downloadable content, for example, that is exclusively available to people who have played the demo.

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