Increase Average Order Value Then I Arrive at the Last Important Factor

As the name suggests, such a strategy automatically responds to changes in order to achieve the best price per click for you. Rearrange campaigns. By grouping certain products in another campaign, you have more control over what happens to that group of products. Expand product feed. By loading as much information about the products as possible, you have a much better chance of being shown well. Using keywords in the product titles. In this way you ensure that the products are found more easily than, for example, only by type. Think: “TVs” instead of “Sony KD 49X7056” Using Auction Insights. What is the competition doing? Where can we grab market share in the bidding process? Is it smart to bid higher on certain products? You can use all this information to achieve more than your competitor I will elaborate on the above options later. Improve current conversion rate The conversion rate is another number that can show how your current campaigns are running.

Average Order Value Then I Arrive at the Last Important Factor

You calculate this ratio by dividing the number of conversions you get over a certain period by the number of visitors you see coming in during the same period. So it shows the percentage of average number of conversions per visitor. Is this percentage low? Then you may attract a lot of visitors, but they are not or hardly interested in your product. And is this percentage high? Then the opposite applies. We start with this figure when we see that it is on the low side relative to the benchmark. What options Buy Weight Loss Leads do you have? Redesign Shopping campaigns. You put more focus on campaigns with a higher conversion rate and thus give them more space. Conversion rate optimization trajectory (CRO). Look closely at your website and landing pages to see if there are optimizations that can increase conversions. For example, consider a different color button, a shorter purchase process on the page or a different layout to make a purchase easier. User Experience (UX) trajectory.


Order Value Then I Arrive at the Last Important Factor

The focus is on the user-friendliness of your website. And whether there are possibilities to make it more enjoyable for a visitor. This often involves A/B testing the website to see which variant performs better. Customer Data Platform (CDP). With a CDP you ensure that you collect data from all kinds of different channels in order to create a complete customer profile. In this way you can ideally respond to what he or she needs to make a purchase. Do you want to know more about that? Our CDP specialist Harald wrote an article on why and how a CDP works for e-commerce . Increase average order value Then I arrive at the last important factor for the turnover from the current situation: the average order value. Is this high? Then you are of course good per purchase. But if it is low, you would prefer to be able to capitalize on it to increase it. With this figure you can get started if you see that there are still too many missed opportunities in terms of cross and upsells. Consider, for example, the purchase of a bell, insurance and saddle cover for a bicycle. Or at a matching side table next to a sofa or chairs.

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