Instead of Immediately Looking Consumers

Articles are already appearing that the corona crisis has not exactly boosted confidence in our industry. Consumers feel ‘bombed’ because of the large number of advertisements, overwhelmed by the ‘intrusiveness’, and ‘annoyed’ by the constant repetition, especially online, with brands unfairly slowing or even disrupting the user experience. I’m not exactly proud of that. You? In the words of Keith Weed, former Chief Marketing Communications Officer at Unilever and now President of the Advertising Association (AA): We have a problem and that is how the public feels about advertising. They simply don’t trust it in a way they once did. Without trust, advertising has no future. A brand without trust is simply a product, and advertising without trust is just noise. We must work together to restore public confidence. Because without trust, ads are just another noise channel. Eternally screaming for consumer attention.

Of Immediately Looking Consumers

Consumer trust as key Damaged trust is difficult to restore, but why is it important to achieve it? Simply because consumers are willing to share information about themselves. Especially when it comes to so-called ‘ love brands ‘. Consumers generally agree that a (favorite) brand knows more than expected. In fact , the majority of consumers believe Sri-Lanka Phone Number List that sharing data can be beneficial . Consumer comments about trust as key to personal advertising. Personalization has not been the problem in that regard either. In general, people prefer a more customized experience online. End third-party cookies as reset button With a historic moment like the phasing out of third-party cookies , the bloggers among us are burning loose with articles about solutions such as server-side tracking, registration walls and collaborations around IDs.


Immediately Looking Consumers

Instead of immediately looking for new technologies to achieve the same result, we now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to hit the reset button and do things differently. How? That’s hard for me to say, but I do think it has to do with a change in our way of thinking. We’ve used digital too much as a low-funnel conversion booster, when we should really be exploiting the possibilities it offers for interactivity and play . Rather than interrupting people online, we should look for opportunities to become meaningful part of what they are doing. Also read: How The Social Dilemma on Netflix makes you think about manipulation The first steps are being taken by companies such as Illume and Enskin . So without personal data and cookies.

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