This Instead Of The General Results

This allows you to generate a lot of reach with a small budget. There is another benefit of using video content for LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn gives you the option to retarget an audience based on what part of the video they viewed. Create a separate list of parts of your audience that have watched 25% or 50% or 97% of your video. Because they have watched the video this far, you can be sure that they are interested in your offer. How did they engage? Good video content for the awareness phase What makes video content suitable for the awareness phase? Good video content: Focuses on the problems and needs of your target audience. This creates urgency for the problem. Show how you can help with your unique approach. This ensures that your solution becomes relevant. In the awareness phase, make sure to focus on micro-conversions like reach and video views, rather than clicks.

Instead Of The General Results

Cisco LinkedIn Ad Phase 2: the middle of the funnel – turn prospects into leads In the middle of the funnel, your goal is to convert prospects into leads. You do this by collecting their contact details so that you can follow them up again outside of LinkedIn. If you have viewed 50% or more of your video in the awareness phase, you can show new ads in Maldives B2B List a new campaign. In that case, they are in the consideration phase. Now is a good time to be more direct and ask prospects to leave their email address. In return, they get something of value, such as a downloadable PDF, trial, or webinar. The consideration phase gives you the opportunity to gain the trust of your target audience. Prospects who try your product or download your lead magnet get to know your company and get a better picture of your product or service. In addition, they discover what it is like to work with your company.


Of The General Results

At this stage, you can use simple image ads designed in the same style as the video. This is how your target group recognizes your organization. You simply remind them of your offer and present the lead magnet (such as an ebook, guide, checklist). Too-Doo LinkedIn Ad Video funnel You only show this pitch to people who have already shown interest by watching your video. This group is already somewhat familiar with your company and will therefore be more inclined to download your lead magnet than when you show it to a completely cold target group. This makes advertising more effective and cheaper. Video funnel To get people’s contact details, you need an attractive lead magnet. Remember that what you ask in your ad should be proportionate to the value they get.

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