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This is an alliance that aims to offer a unique Afghanistan Phone Number and innovative experience to snapchatters. Who will be able to discover Afghanistan Phone Number upcoming entertainment events.  Buy tickets directly from the platform . Through the Afghanistan Phone Number rocket icon, users can access this functionality. Thus, as if it were a dating app , Ticketmatcher “matches users with interesting experiences” based on their preferences and tastes. Snapchatters can Afghanistan Phone Number additionally swipe left and right to show their affinity or dislike for certain shows .

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If you don’t see the embedded video correctly, click here . Once a user has found something they like. They can Afghanistan Phone Number see if their Snapchat friends have also matched by liking the same event. In this way, there is the option to start a conversation through the Snapchat camera directly. They can also make a Afghanistan Phone Number guest list on the spot via chat or post their latest moves directly to their story to express their interest.

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And, in the case of wanting to purchase tickets for an event, snapchatters will go through a flow that Afghanistan Phone Number will direct them to purchase them on the Ticketmaster page . nearby shows In addition, with Snap Map you can discover what events are going to be held in the nearby environment. This is the first Afghanistan Phone Number time Snapchat has integrated a partner into Snap Map through technology, marking a significant milestone for the company as it is a hugely popular feature within Snapchat reaching more than Afghanistan Phone Number 250 million users each month.

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