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But one channel is not the other. Take into account Slovenia Phone Number List different employees and different preferred channels. Also think about reaching your non-desk employees (without a fixed PC or access to e-mail) and employees who still work from home. Listen to Slovenia Phone Number List your employees In addition, be open to different communication channels. Don’t just use top-down communication. Listen to your employees. Give them opportunities to provide feedback, express Slovenia Phone Number List their concerns and make suggestions for improvement. If necessary, use informal communication channels that are popular among employees. Such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

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This makes it easy for them to ask questions and express Slovenia Phone Number List concerns about returning to work and about their own safety. Bundle these questions and use them as input for a FAQ. Then send the answers back into the organization in real time through corporate Slovenia Phone Number List communication channels. So that frequently asked questions can be answered in real time. This removes many concerns and questions before they arise. Moreover, it contributes to a growth of confidence in the approach of your organization.You show that you have thought of everything and you are in control.

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Communication process 4. Tune content and timing to channel Slovenia Phone Number List When determining timing and content. It’s important to consider the most appropriate channel for each type of message you’ll be spreading. Not every channel is suitable for all reporting. For  Slovenia Phone Number List example, videos of the CEO are better distributed via an app. Where people can watch them at their leisure. It is better to post longer articles or a FAQ on your intranet. Shorter information, such as (renewed) security measures that people should remember. re repeatedly shown on digital signage or lock screens. By showing the information through the right channel, you can be sure that the message actually reaches your employees.

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