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Because a trademark without distinctive character is in many Iceland Phone Number List cases also descriptive. These grounds are often mentioned together by BOIP. This is not about whether a brand is ‘free’ Please note. This whole story is about the legal requirements for a Benelux trademark Iceland Phone Number List and not about whether a trademark is ‘free’. BOIP rejects a trademark without distinctive character and/or a trademark that is descriptive. This is independent of any objection by older trademark holders. If the trademark in question also resembles and is in the same boat as an earlier trademark of another.

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Everyone knows, of course, that Apple is a registered Iceland Phone Number List trademark. I gave these examples to explain what would be a distinctive and non-descriptive brand, and what would not. Are the corona terms distinctive/not descriptive? If we look against this background at the three coronavirus-related trademark applications mentioned above, BOIP finds the applications Iceland Phone Number List under 1 not distinctive, and the applications under 2 and 3 not distinctive and also descriptive. I can easily explain this. Take the brand under 1. The term ‘COVID-19’ is the official name for the coronavirus, while survivor is English for survivor. The brand does not enable the consumer to see it as a brand, because it is too common for that.

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The brand is therefore not distinctive. And Iceland Phone Number List brand 2 (CORONA BABY)? When dealing with the various trademark applications, BOIP now considers the term ‘corona’ as another word for ‘the coronavirus’, ‘the coronavirus outbreak’ and ‘the Iceland Phone Number List crisis as a result of the coronavirus outbreak’. This makes the brand descriptive: the baby clothes for which the brand has been applied for may be intended for babies conceived during the corona crisis, or who were born during that time. The brand is also not distinctive for the same reason as brand 1. Brand number 3 (CORONA THERAPEUTICS) is descriptive as it can be for medical services in the form of therapy for people.

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