So That Is The Time To Be Present

Google could eventually offer the opportunity to reach these gamers with new forms of advertising. It is therefore certainly an interesting project to keep a close eye on. If Google Stadia succeeds as a fully-fledged gaming platform, we can expect all kinds of new forms of marketing in the short term.It will still take a few weeks for consumers, but for you as a marketer, the preparations for Black Friday have probably already started. Black Friday has become increasingly popular in the Netherlands in recent years. As a marketer, you can of course respond to this perfectly with your Google Ads campaigns. But how do you best prepare your Google Ads campaigns for this day? The consumer orientation phase starts a week earlier Advertising in search engines is not only very important during Black Friday, but also during the orientation phase. A week before Black Friday, consumers start with the orientation: what do I want to buy during Black Friday?

That Is The Time To Be Present

Where am I going to buy it and most importantly, where can I find the best deals? If you are already highly visible during this period, you will already attract interested visitors to your website prior to Black Friday. Make sure you create a separate audience list and save everyone in the orientation phase. You can retarget these on Black Friday Singapore Business Fax List so that they order their desired products in your webshop. If you only start advertising during Black Friday, you are literally competing against the big boys. And those big boys have often already advertised during the orientation phase, making it even more difficult for you. Image from Google Trends during Black Friday. Every year, Google conducts research into search behavior around Black Friday. For example, the graph above shows that the peak in organic search traffic for Black Friday-related keywords is used in the orientation phase.


The Time To Be Present

So that is the time to be present within search engines with Google Ads campaigns. 1. Optimize your ads for Black Friday A nice way to capitalize on this phase is to set up your ads with a countdown element, such as ‘Black Friday at .. starts in 2 days!’. This is possible with the countdown function within advertisement management. In addition, it’s important to add why they should be with you for Black Friday deals. What percent discount do you give? Is there a limited stock (on = gone)? Also add ‘Black Friday’ to your keywords. Do you sell electric scooters and do you have a Black Friday offer? Then you might miss out on searchers with a high purchase intention without the keyword ‘Electric Scooter Black Friday’. Screenshot of a Google search for Black Friday. 2. Add promotional extensions to your ad Competition is increasing, especially during Black Friday.

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