It Is Important to Compare the Studies

The answer is simple. You need to make more use of data that you (or your customer) always had at your disposal. By this I mean customer data from a CRM system. We all know that it can be valuable to combine online and offline data, but the ‘cookie less era’ makes this a necessity. Analyze and enrich your CRM data to identify useful customer profiles or personas. For this, we use clustering algorithms at Traffic Builders , which can quickly recognize similarities between different data points and group them. For example: all webs hop visitors who have ordered for more than €500. It is then up to you to value these clusters. One of your new responsibilities in 2021. Once you have customer profiles based on your CRM data, you can search for similar users online. It also makes it possible to tailor your branding to realistic personas.

Important to Compare the Studies

SEA trends highlights Here is a brief overview of which trends will dominate SEA in 2021 and how you as a marketer can respond to this: Make sure that the value of online is shared so clearly within the organization during the corona crisis that you don’t have to go back to the old situation. Read about Google consent and teach yourself that Vietnam WhatsApp Number List your data will never be complete again. And that’s okay. For real. Experiment today rather than tomorrow with RSA ads! Revenue is key . Grab that calculator and calculate the value of your leads/brochures. Keywords will become less important. Broaden your skillset so that you still have a picture of your customer (personas) even with less data. First party data: how often do you spar with your CRM marketer? What kind of CRM do you or does your customer actually have? Painful questions for many marketers.


To Compare the Studies

Therefore, include CRM knowledge in your new year’s resolutions for 2021. In this article, only three of the six trends were really about SEA. This has everything to do with what I wrote in the opening. The range of tasks of the ‘search’ marketers will continue to change and we will therefore have to broaden our knowledge. And now say for yourself: did you become a marketer to exclude search terms? Together we will return to a part of the creative core of our profession and enrich it with the available data. Are you ready? To increase the relevance of advertisements and the website, it is important to respond to a user’s location. Personalized ads can result in a 5% higher purchase intent. In this article I will show you how you can optimally respond to the location of a user in advertisements and on the website. The number of searches related to location has been increasing for years, according to Google .

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