It Is Important to Think Carefully

In addition, you can give ads and extensions a much more local. Approach so that the person who is searching sees that an answer to his or her question is nearby. Think of the fact that the city name can appear in the advertisement. But also a call extension that shows a local number. Step 2. Determine which keywords you use locally and which you use nationally Knowing that you have the ability to direct visitors to specific location pages, it’s important to determine which keywords are targeting the local page(s). And which keywords should refer to the national page. rural My advice would be to always use keywords that have a branded character nationally. The reason for this is that you are nationally visible as soon as someone searches for such a term, ie your company name.

Is Important to Think Carefully

Another example: someone searches for ‘Shop123 Amsterdam’. With this, the user clearly indicates that he is Ecuador WhatsApp Number List interested in your company and the location in Amsterdam. Then it makes sense that the user is redirected to the Amsterdam page. The location page is much more relevant and the chance of conversion increases. Even though this keyword has a local character (Amsterdam), you can still advertise with it nationally. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter whether someone is looking from Amsterdam or Maastricht, the intention of the person in Maastricht remains the same, namely that he or she is looking for Shop123, Amsterdam.


Important to Think Carefully

Local Of course you want every branch to get as much relevant traffic to the page from your campaigns as possible. It is important to think carefully about which keywords you want to use locally. Then you can choose to send the user to the national website. But you can also direct the user to the relevant location page with local location campaigns. Also read: 13 tips to make your Google Ads campaign convert even better How do you set this up? Assuming that the branches have their own page on the site. Then you can set up Google Ads campaign(s) for each location. Then you want the Amsterdam campaign to show an advertisement to the user, because that person is located in Amsterdam. You would prefer not to see someone in Amsterdam seeing an advertisement from a branch in Groningen, for example, that is much less relevant.

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