It Is Therefore Important To Take

As an advertiser, you can still object to enforcement decisions after the implementation of this pilot . Also read: From analyzing to predicting in Google Ads [step-by-step plan] In the future, Google plans to further expand the alert system with additional policies. They will do this on the basis of the feedback from this pilot. Comments The system attaches increasingly strict consequences to violating the advertising policy and aims to increase the responsibility of advertisers. This is how Google wants to prevent future violations of the policy and improve the overall experience on the platform. While the purpose of the pilot is good, it can have negative consequences for advertisers. For example, ads may be falsely flagged for such violations more often. This while these ads do not violate the policy at all. Screenshot of warning in the three strikes pilot. Stories of wrongly flagged violations are common.

Is Therefore Important To Take

I have experienced this myself several times with customers, for various reasons. For example, the advertisements of a customer who advertises cinema films were flagged. Because according to Google, these ads promote violence and/or drug use. Every marketer knows it. You’re contacting help center because you don’t understand Germany WhatsApp Number List how your ad violates the policy. But they can’t help you either, because the system indicates that it’s not right. No one knows what is wrong. So the downside of this new warning system is that it could lead to more time for you as a marketer to recover from and object to flagged ads. This leaves less time to actually work on optimizing campaigns. In addition, it can negatively affect your relationship with customers if an account is blocked by incorrect flags. How can you prepare as an advertiser All in all, another step by Google where the algorithm is in charge. Practical for Google of course, but for the user it can have negative consequences.


Therefore Important To Take

It is therefore important to take this into account as an advertiser by carefully checking your advertisements. This applies not only to the headlines and descriptions, but also to extensions and URLs. I would also recommend communicating this three strikes pilot to your customers in advance. This way they can take the consequences of this into account, such as any extra time you spend managing campaigns. Personally, I think it’s a good step that Google wants to increase the responsibility of advertisers on the platform. In addition, I do believe that Google should also take responsibility and take reports of incorrectly marked advertisements seriously in order to prevent unnecessary repetitions in the future. In this way, both advertisers and Google will benefit from this update.

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