But It Offers Many Possibilities

Another perfect way to leverage the synergy between SEO and SEA. Within SEO, it is more difficult to set up tests, because you have to deal with multiple external factors. You can set up such a test quite easily within SEA.  Did it say ‘high expected CTR’? Yes, of course! Do you see within your RSA that a headline or description is shown significantly more often than other expressions? Then there is a good chance that it can achieve a high CTR. As said before, SEO alone is not the ideal channel to test this. That’s why I recommend testing the relevant headline or description within an extended text ad (ETA or extended text ad) in your SEA campaign.

It Offers Many Possibilities

Does the ad also achieve a significantly higher CTR here? Then it is time to also implement this in the page title and meta description of the relevant landing page. Hint! You can use quite a few expressions within your RSA. But use it. Vary as much as possible in the expressions between CTAs, USPs, keyword variations and numbers. Years, percentages, and French Polynesia B2B List customer ratings work particularly well within figures. Examples of utterances can be: Order now … Calculate for free… Delivery in 24 hours Calculate premium 2019 Now up to 50% off Customer rating 9.2 Image of SEA and SEO results. Crack the Google algorithm by using SEA Can You Really Figure Out The Google Algorithm Through SEA? Not quite unfortunately. But you can make the SEO algorithm much more transparent by using SEA smartly. Organic results are determined by more than 100 factors.


Offers Many Possibilities

Interim Google updates may change these factors or allow Google to prioritize them differently. The good news is that such an algorithm is also used within SEA. Google determines the position of an ad not only by how much you bid (maximum CPC), but also by its Quality Score. The factors within the Quality Score have a lot of overlap with factors that play an important role in SEO. And where you only have minimal insight into your scores within SEO, these are insightful within SEA. Quality Score by Three Factors The Quality Score is a number between 1 and 10.  The expected CTR and ad relevance are purely based on the expressions of the ad and not on the content of the website.

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