It Was The Same For The Rest

Provide the online advertisements with information about the structure of your webs hop. For example, set up a campaign that focuses on a specific sub-range. Boost success numbers. Prioritize the promotion of bestsellers, such as seasonal products and competitive offers. Keep regional differences in mind. Optimize for mobile devices. Optimize your social ads for smaller screen sizes such as smartphones. Emphasize freedom of choice. Make it clear in the ads that the product they previously bought in store is now also available online. Apply radius targeting . Radius targeting allows you to reach customers near your store(s). You now want to send them as much as possible towards your webs hop. Go full screen. Consider using full screen ads such as Facebook Canvas. This format lends itself well to converting print ads to your online campaign. 6. Be human The corona crisis is hitting people hard. This lockdown also has a major impact on the daily lives of your customers.

Was The Same For The Rest

Many of the certainties have been lost. It is therefore extremely important to maintain a good relationship with your customers and to nurture their trust. The best way to achieve this is through an open, humane attitude. Just take it a step further. For example, provide more clarity about deliveries. Inform your customers about when they Germany B2B List can expect something from you. But also when they can’t expect something. For example, report it honestly if it can all take a little longer than they are used to, and also tell them why. You can also use social advertising campaigns for this. But above all, be patient. It may well be that people are hesitant and return their package on time. Meet them with alternatives or more generous rules. The extreme focus on profit generation is really secondary in this day and age. New normal A highly localized social advertising strategy has always been a good idea.


The Same For The Rest

The current crisis has only increased the need. For some hard-hit areas, it is even a necessary tool to maintain local turnover. Anyway, now is a good time to come up with a local and crisis optimized strategy. Programmatic advertising is not new in the Netherlands, but why do so few marketers know exactly what it means? We can quickly get lost in the many words surrounding programmatic advertising, but if you understand it, you also have many advantages. This way you have more influence on the advertising process and you can display personalized content. And there is much more. So prepare yourself for the ‘programmatic mode’ within marketing. Basic programmatic advertising For marketers, the place, time and context of advertising is very important. For this we use our customer data and other data sources. Instead of manually managing campaigns, this is increasingly moving towards automation. Systems decide which bids are placed for which advertising space.

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