Learn Professional English And French: The Different Solutions!

You want to learn English and professional French simultaneously. You are certainly Chinese, Spanish or Arabic… Regardless of your nationality, you have just set your sights on two of the most influential languages ​​in the world. To this end, we must admit that learning one or the other of these two languages ​​is already not easy, unless you really put your heart into it. Learning both together turns out to be a challenge. Nevertheless, rest assured! Indeed, if the understanding of English can prove to be easier than that of French, it is however not useless to admit that you will find a real pleasure there by appropriating both simultaneously. If you were an alien visiting earth, in what language would you express your needs without revealing your identity to earthlings?

The answer is straightforward. It is indeed English or the language of Shakespeare. Indeed, it is necessarily not the most spoken language in the world… but it is the most spoken language in the world . Having established itself as the international language par excellence in many fields including economics, diplomacy, culture and even science; To this end, even if you go to China, India or even Brazil, the chances of being understood in English are really high. However, this is not the case for the other most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, such as Mandarin with its 1 billion speakers or Hindustani and its 240 million speakers. So, do you want to learn English as quickly as possible? Rest assured ! It’s Google Translate, so you can do better. Why learn French ?

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First, it is the language of Molière and then, it is the language of diplomacy. In the second case, French was for a long time the favorite language Iceland Phone Number List of diplomats in recent centuries before being completely overwhelmed by English. However, the language of Molière or Voltaire has not completely disappeared. To this end, according to a study conducted by Kai Chan, associate researcher at INSEAD and author of the “Power Language Index” published in 2016, French is the second most influential language in the world behind the venerable language of Shakespeare. By way of illustration, “in nearly 70 states around the world, French is the official language or one of them”. In addition, the interest in learning professional French is also due to the fact that it is the official language of many institutions such as the UN, the

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In addition, many growing countries in the world and especially in Africa are French-speaking countries. This is the case of the Ivory Coast and the DR Congo. So, are you ready to express yourself explicitly in the language of Molière? Rest assured ! You will enjoy. What is the benefit of learning both French and English? Beyond the multilingual aspect of learning French and English at the same time, it is the possibility of expressing yourself in the two most influential languages ​​in the world that is interesting. But, we must not forget also the fact of getting to know two great cultures, one French and the other Anglo-Saxon. Moreover, it is the international employment opportunities that are the most interesting. Therefore, how quickly to acquire the notions in these two languages?

Make Reading Your Favorite Pastime

What are the solutions to quickly learn English? Whatever your nationality, you have already learned at least once that English is very easy to understand. It is therefore useless to deny this widely shared opinion. Nevertheless, faced with its two hundred thousand words, you risk making it a way of the cross in the absence of any methodology. To this end, here are some practical solutions for you to become an excellent speaker of the language of Shakespeare. Enroll in an English language learning center It is not the most classic method of learning a language, but it is very recurrent. Indeed, we must admit that we spend a lot of time in college without really mastering the language of Shakespeare. To this end, many centers offer training aimed at better mastering English.

The training modules adapted for professionals make it possible to quickly master the essentials of the language and to appropriate it. However, this does not exclude the fact of performing by practicing reading. Make reading your favorite pastime This is the most classic method of learning a new language. Indeed, to master a language as practical as English, there is nothing more fascinating than reading everything that comes to hand. To this end, from the classics of English literature to contemporary works, have the immense pleasure of reading as many works as possible . To this end, here is for you a top 5 of books that can help you to be a perfect speaker of English: 40 Rules of loves d’Elif Şafak ; The perks of being a wallflower de Stephen Chbosky; Treasure island de Robert Louis Stevenson; Pride & prejudice de Jane Austen ;

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