Logo Design: Mistakes to Avoid

Your company logo is the first contact you will have with your future customers. Website, business cards, facebook page… your logo will be an integral part of all your communication tools. So dont forget that a logo is not just a drawing, but a tool that marks the imagination and facilitates the creation of a bond of trust with your prospects. It is therefore essential to make a “good impression” by demonstrating a professional and unique image. Unfortunately, this very important founding aspect for a company is sometimes neglected for financial reasons. The first instinct of the future owner may be to design the logo himself, with the aim of saving a few cents. Yes, the price of a logo may seem considerable, but it is a longterm investment.


 You should never literally copy.

Another option often considered by a new entrepreneur is e-commerce photo editing to do business with a friend who says they know about graphic design. However, designing a logo does not only depend on a slight artistic sense and basic knowledge in photoshop or illustrator. The lack of knowledge will affect the realization and therefore the effectiveness of the future logo, which will harm the professional image of the company.In any case, there are rules to follow and mistakes to pay attention to in order to achieve a simple and effective logo . The price of a logo may seem considerable, but it is a longterm investment here are our tips to avoid errors in the design of your logo 1 do not rely on graphic trends. These tendencies are not fixed in time and are effective only in a given period.

e-commerce photo editing

Concepts that already exist and have been proven.

The ideal is to create a unique logo, in the image of the company and CZB Directory its values. This is what makes the concept a timeless achievement. 2 the design of a logo is done as a team, between the client and the graphic designer. As for the graphic designer, you should never do as you please, follow an artistic trip , and not be. Inspired by the values ​​of the company, nor meet the needs of the client.

On the other side, the client must trust the professionalism of the graphic designer. It is therefore necessary to use the best of each and to work as a team, in order to obtain a successful job. 3 a logo must be simple in order to be effective. Logos that are too complex cause several problems. First, it becomes more difficult for the customer to recognize a logo that has a lot of detail. Indeed, the more elements there are in the logo, the longer it takes for. The brain to associate the logo with the company.

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