Always Make Sure You Have Enough

That is different in the US with addressable TV : selection effects are therefore assumed to be greater than in the Netherlands. Anyway, many TV campaigns do not aim to generate extra sales directly. That is indeed a piece of ‘magic’ in which we assume that people develop a preference for brands that sponsor sports heroes, broadcast a tearjerker around Christmas, draw attention to sustainability or charities, and so on. There is also an element of corporate responsibility‚Ć For many FMCG brands, TV advertising is sometimes a must to maintain shelf position in Albert Heijn. The fact that the ROI is smaller than 1 is silly, but then it plays no role. The ROI is in fact not zero if you were to calculate the scenario of sales with less shelf space or visibility of your product in the store.

Make Sure You Have Enough

These are usually effects that you immediately expect to see in a dataset. However, many products have a one day or one week. These longer-term sales Benin B2B List effects can no longer be traced with the methodologies that contemporary researchers and statisticians have in their toolbox. And that actually makes it much more difficult to properly quantify the effect of advertising. The researcher Shapiro, quoted in De Correspondent, also encounters this. Byron Sharpe too, who used comparable data to look for connections between sales and advertising.


Sure You Have Enough

I think both provide valuable analyzes and insights, but they come with completely different conclusions. The question is also whether there are selection effects for objectives other than sales. For example, to convey a certain message to a group of people for whom it is relevant. Think of a government campaign about the dangers of fireworks. Because we don’t know who they are, we focus those campaigns on everyone. Whether people subsequently change their behavior based on that information depends on many factors. Embrace an experimental culture What is the aftertaste of these articles and what should we do with them? I myself have the following thoughts.

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