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Communication to relatives of the plane crash and the Kazakhstan Phone Number List functionality for booking a flight go painfully bad together. The government is prepared The national government developed the website in 2011 . The reason was the large chemical fire at Moerdijk. This website is always online these days – so not a dark site in the strict sense. currently refers to information about COVID-19. Screenshot of the website in 2011 Government crisis website in 2011 The dilemma In the book Click Here to Kill Everybody. Bruce Schneier outlines a dilemma that you probably recognize from your own organization.

Faster People

We prefer certain small gains over risky big gains and we Kazakhstan Phone Number List choose. A large loss that may be suffered rather than a small loss for sure. Spending on preventive security is a small loss. The cost of security. Not making these costs is a small profit. But with Kazakhstan Phone Number List an insecure network. Service or product you risk a major loss.” Every organization a dark site? Every organization should ask itself how it will communicate with its stakeholders if conventional systems cannot be reached. What do you do if the website is down – and underlying systems and the fixed telephone lines may also collapse?

Do It Having

Kazakhstan Phone Number List

What we see in our practice is that organizations only realize in Kazakhstan Phone Number List the middle of a crisis. When they really need an alternative communication channel, that they should have arranged this in advance. Could have arranged it. Whether that is because the website had become inaccessible, because they discovered that the current website is not really suitable for Kazakhstan Phone Number List quickly sharing information about a crisis. Or because they are active in places where it is difficult to reach the local community from an office in Europe. As with all crisis preparations, the following also applies to a dark site: the profit is in the process .

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