Many different sub-goals with clear goals for each company and

Many different sub-goals, with clear goals for each company and disciplined. This allows the co-processing facility to obtain ISO90001 certification. Generally speaking, he believes that there three main points for achieving this state: grasping the current operating conditions of various manufacturers, disclosing financial information, and having friendly relations among the manufacturers themselves. It is also because of the disclosure of the synergy combination that manufacturers trust each other. After the collective relocation, the production volume or turnover of the manufacturers has increased by 20 to 30%, which can used to repay the relocation expenses.

Through the self-developed research and development of cost

The industry, the cost of sewage treatment is Kuwait Phone Number reduced, and the cost borne by the industry is also reduced. Photo Credit: Earth Citizens Foundation Yuji Ueda, Director of the Central Gilded Industrial Zone, explained the retention of daily sampling wastewater In addition to control, can Taiwan have a joint dialogue? Since the Japanese government has established an administrative agency such as the “Pollution Prevention Project”, the government and companies can work together to achieve environmental goals.

Professor Akira Morishima, who received us this time, is mainly responsible for the coordination of local governments, enterprises and environmental units; and Professor Fujita Seiyoshi is responsible for the coordination of regulations with banks and the central government. In addition to this internal and external division of labor, many local governments willing to actively appoint public servants who transferred to business groups to promote the improvement of environmental standards, promote industrial upgrading, increase competitiveness, and make small and medium-sized workers shoulder the responsibility of corporate citizens.

In Taiwan whether it is the Environmental Protection

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Agency or the Ministry of Economic Affairs, they all play a role similar to the regulatory end, but the former more “strong regulation”, while the latter “weak regulation”, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs constantly wants to put strong regulation part, adjusted to weak regulation. Perhaps the Ministry of Economic Affairs compares Taiwan’s “Pollution Prevention and Control Guidance Group” with Japan’s “Pollution Prevention and Control Group”, but based on our experience in interviewing Taiwanese companies and environmental protection units, the pollution prevention and control group often done after the practitioners have punished. Go to the factory to sell ring engineering equipment, but often the specifications do not conform to its manufacturing process, making counseling a mere formality.

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