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Therefore, give new employees good language training Germany Phone Number List immediately. Assign language or writing coaches (colleagues who already get it) in each department to support the others. Give rewards. Name someone a ‘language hero’ or give a Germany Phone Number List compliment if a letter is really good. Convince your colleagues in a light-hearted way and with humor. Let them feel for themselves what it means if you communicate poorly. In this way they look differently at the texts they write themselves. And finally, don’t set the bar too high. Small steps are beautiful, as is a growing awareness. We don’t all have to become professional writers. 7. Change with your entire organization Clear communication is not only a matter for the communication department.

Senses And Emotions

You have to do it with your entire organization. If you let Germany Phone Number policy officers, lawyers, file handlers, desk clerks and IT specialists think along from the start, they will quickly see the need to communicate clearly. This also prevents resistance from Germany Phone Number List developing gradually. Connect people from different departments and encourage collaboration. Make sure they know they are working towards the same goal and are making an effort to understand each other. Don’t be discouraged by negative expectations. For example, there is often a field of tension between understandable language and legally correct language.

As Possible

Germany Phone Number List

But lawyers also understand that a message has to Germany Phone Number List get across. And don’t forget your collaboration partners, so that texts from external suppliers also match your ‘immediately clear’ ambitions. It is best to explain the intention of a law or rule in common Germany Phone Number List language. Indicate in brackets which article it concerns or put it in an attachment. It’s about getting your message across. – Dominique Simhoffer, senior communication advisor and project leader at the municipality of Utrecht 8. Realize you’re never done Colleagues leave while they were just enjoying clear communication, management changes (can you get back to work with support), new texts are needed for a project with a new target group.

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