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Always end your customer relationship on a positive note Bad news spreads faster than good news. That’s how it works. Therefore, always end your customer relationship the way you started it, on a positive note. In the longer term, your flexible, open, and Belarus Phone Number understanding attitude always pays for itself. And apart from the requirements set by Google: would you yourself click on an ad written in such a way? I do not think so. Mistake Belarus Phone Number bad punctuation Punctuation can sometimes be a matter of life or death. That shows this now world-famous Facebook post in which the text suggests that we should start eating children: Wrong punctuation online ads A comma after the word ‘eat’ would have made the message a lot more kid-friendly! Incorrect punctuation can also cause problems in ads in Google Ads: The text will look rushed and unprofessional.

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Wrong punctuation can lead to misinterpretation of the text. When writing texts for advertisements, make sure you create the most appropriate sentence for the description boxes. If you manage to close your first description box with punctuation, then your ad is eligible for a mega headline. Your headline and description box are combined into one super long header. These types of ads usually have a higher click-through rate than ‘regular’ ads! Mistake number 6: Internet language and trendy abbreviations Fifteen years ago I wrote on Hyves (who remembers it?) to friends at secondary school. Today I would just write out those sentences and words completely, so: ‘a thousand times apologies’, ‘anyway’ and ‘whatever you want.


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Nowadays I no longer communicate with sweaty teenagers, but with customers who have to make a purchase thanks to my advertising texts. Still, I sometimes see internet language and abbreviations in ad texts. This is completely unacceptable from a marketer’s point of view for three reasons: Internet language and trendy abbreviations come across as unprofessional. They are not understood by everyone. They are often generation dependent and often region-specific. Google’s software detects this type of language in ads and then disapproves of those ads. All your work for nothing! So just write like an adult. Error number 7: Excessive use of exclamation marks Your customers should know that your ad is importan.

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