Maximize Lift Bidding Will Be Available

So very interesting! Maximize Lift Bidding will be available soon for YouTube True view in-stream ads . YouTube for Action In addition to the above firelit techniques. You can also use YouTube for Action (and possibly associated bumper ads ). In addition, you can use bidding strategies such as target ROAS or target CPA and lower funnel targeting options. Such as custom intent (which focuses on an audience that has searched for terms on Google in the past 7 days). Of course it is possible to direct a macro conversion (eg an e-commerce transaction) with this. But at PBB it can also be smart to focus on micro-conversions (for example an engaged web visit ) with such campaigns. If you set this up in the right way, you also get view-through conversions .

Lift Bidding Will Be Available

In addition, there has been an extra feature within Facebook for a while: Estimated increase in ad memory (people) . This is a metric with which see an estimate of the Portugal Phone Number List increase in consumers who will remember your branding message when asked 2 days later. There is also the Optimization Increase in ad recall . Where Facebook uses machine learning to show your branding within your targeting. To people they think will remember the ad after 2 days. Although it is a reasonable black box at the moment , it is an interesting metric to gain more insight into the effect of your campaigns. More and more possibilities to measure For example, we notice that the major platforms such as Google (YouTube) and Facebook are actively responding to trends such as PBB and are increasingly making it possible to set up, measure and optimize these types of campaigns.


Bidding Will Be Available

PBB distinguishes itself by making optimal use of this. Media costs for lower funnel channels like SEA are skyrocketing.  You’ve probably seen them when you were looking for a product on Google: the visual product listings. Previously they were organic, but then Shopping became an advertising channel. Since October 2020 it has become (in the Netherlands) a combination, with both sponsored and unsponsored product listings. Whether you have a local store full of nice trinkets or work at a large (international) chain: if you want to reach more potential customers for your products via Google Shopping, your adventure starts with the Google Merchant Center .

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