Media Marketing and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

More inseparable from his smartphone. With the smartphone he has learned to do many more things than a simple phone call. The consumerization of IT has led him to use technology to search for products. Check prices, consult community opinions, make comparisons with current performance, quality or trends. Not only that: thanks to cameras that read QR codes, to fourth-generation Bluetooth technologies. Or to Near Field Communication (NFC), it has learned to interact in a different way with products. Environments, shop assistants, and brands. Allows the sending of promotional communications relating to the products. Services of third parties with respect to the Joint Controllers who belong to the manufacturing,

Making Social Media Marketing Work For Your Business

Services (in particular ICT) and trade New Zealand Phone Number branches, with automated and traditional methods of contact by the third parties themselves, to whom the data are communicated. So, if it is true that 75% of consumers look for products online before purchasing (Source Deloitte. The Changing Face of RETAIL) it is also true that the physical store. Brands still have many cards to play to engage and retain loyalty. customers. And all this revolves around new generation technologies that transform distribution into a truly smart sector. The target? Give a unique brand experience that, in terms of brand awareness and loyalty, is often worth much more than just putting a product in the consumer’s bag once.


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“Every time distribution must be able to create something different, exceeding users’ expectations – explains Martino Mombrini, Marketing Director IT Division of Samsung -. In this sense, technology is the key that manages to direct all aspects of the customer journey through the integration of intelligent solutions that transform a showcase, an exhibitor, a digital mirror into many communication and relationship touchpoints. The wow effect of a digital display that makes an environment more spectacular thanks to scenographies with a high emotional impact is just one of the many elements that help build quality interaction and relationships. There are visible technologies but also many invisible technologies that help brands to be attractive and informative. And today it is possible to choose the combination that best suits your products and your targets “.

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