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lives in Amsterdam Zuidas and has just got a new job as a Business Developer at ABN AMRO. She lives with her partner in a modern apartment near the office where she works. She often has busy workdays and likes to relax when she is at home. Linda UAE Phone Number doesn’t like all the effort she has to put into preparing, planning, purchasing, and ultimately cooking a meal. She is frustrated by the time it takes and often doesn’t know what to cook. That is why she is looking for a quick and easy way to put a healthy meal on the table. A meal box from Hello Fresh or similar companies takes the guesswork out of planning and making her dinner. As can be seen below, Linda could choose Hello Fresh, Marleen cooks or Marley Spoon.

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It can also be seen that Linda prefers to get to these services through online and social media ads or recommendations from others. pre-COVID-19 persona Pre-COVID-19 persona Linda Bakkers customer journey Linda follows the ‘feel-do-think’ method: She feels tired and does not want to spend too much time planning, shopping, and cooking meals after her busy working day The ‘do’ comes next, because she hears about services like Hello Fresh, and she’s going to order meal boxes from here After trying the service, she thinks about it. She realizes it’s a convenient service, giving her more time to relax after work. She doesn’t have to worry as much about what she’s going to cook.


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So Linda will recommend Hello Fresh to her friends and family and will continue to use the service. Her customer journey shows how tired she feels at the beginning of the journey, but her mood is boosting after her experience with the meal box service. Linda’s customer journey The Long-Term Effect on Meal Box Services Corona has had a major impact on meal box services: restaurants were closed, people avoided the supermarket But is this impact permanent? When the crisis is over, a lot will have changed. Certain behavioral patterns that consumers have acquired during the corona time will remain in the long term. In addition, they will have an impact on the global economy and many industries.

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