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And then this We are not entering into discussions about political Vietnam Phone Number List or social issues on this subject. Interesting as they may be, they do not fit the purpose of this article. Everyone can participate and contribute, regardless of your own diversity. Contributions should Vietnam Phone Number List be based largely on your own experiences (or those of direct contacts). If you are unable or unwilling to respond under your own name, you can do so using the form above. Do you have any questions about diversity that you would also like to see answered in this regard? Then ask them, with an explanation. Then I would like to present it to the readers. Autumn is normally a period in which the event calendar is completely topped off.

Stories As Signifiers

But uncertainty and falling (sponsor) budgets have seen this top disappear. Like snow in the late summer sun. Many organizations convert an existing event into a virtual event or organize their first event online. That often works well, but unfortunately I often Vietnam Phone Number List see the same errors coming back. In this article I share 6 lessons I learned when organizing various online events and conferences over the past six months. From half-naked partners to bomb threats The lightning-fast virtual transformation is still getting used to for many people and organizations.

Stories Bring People

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This is also reflected in the multitude of online Vietnam Phone Number List events. And above all, what shouldn’t happen there. Someone who in the meantime rolls a joint or a half-naked partner who walks in, most people can still laugh about that. But definitely not bomb threats or masturbating participants . Virtual successes abound. Tommorrowland attracted more than a million paying Vietnam Phone Number List visitors and research shows that 90% of event organizers are organizing or have already organized a virtual event in 2020. Even though a majority of organizations are converting physical events to an online version, 95% of the organizers never see online events completely replacing the physical variants.

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