Modification Of The Articles Of Association Of A Company

The operation of some parties is based on their statutes. These records contain essential information related to the legal existence and control of the system concerned. Sometimes, their change is necessary to take into account resultsat the level of society. Regardless of the reasons given, this must be done following a specific procedure. Discover in this article the causes which can justify the modification of the statutes of a firm as well as the main stages of this process. The articles of club contain essential and mandatory report which constitutes the legal basis for the operation of the company. Changing any of this info automatically results in a change of said texts. Several facts can be at the origin of an update of the rules.

Change of company name The sect means a basic element that must appear clearly in the texts of a company. It serves as a name for the company and appears in all official documents relating to the said structure. Consequently, its change necessarily leads to the modification of the statutes. The change of corporate purpose The corporate purpose clearly stresses the areas of activity of a company. It, therefore, seems obligatorily at the level of the statutes. If the company decided to change its raison d’être and change priorities, this would necessarily impact its texts. You should then update them to include your new fields. This is in any . Change of legal form The rules of a company expressly cite its legal form.

The Application For Amending Registration At The Registry

Any change in this area, therefore, results in a modification of the texts of the said structure. Thus, you cannot resume to exercise with the statutes of a Simplified Unipersonal Joint Portugal Phone Number List Stock Company when you bring shareholders into your money. An update of the authorised documents must moderate to clearly notify the new legal form of your structure. Edit of the share capital Advocates can create a company with fixed or variable capital. A company’s articles of association must clearly state the type of money and its amount. The criteria for change differ depending on the type of capital. For a fixed capital, everything results in an update of the articles of corps of the party.


The amending document must clearly show the new capital. For varying capital, its amount can fluctuate during the existence of the structure without causing a significant change. The modification of the articles of club only happens if the increase or drop in capital reaches the lowest threshold supplied or the ceiling defined. No text update is required if you increase the amount of capital to 8,500 euros while the ceiling is set at 10,000 euros. This also applies if you reduce the capital to 5,000 euros while the floor threshold is at 3,500 euros. On the other hand, a change of the statutes is vital if the new capital of the same company was set at 12,000 euros or 2,000 euros.

Publication In A Newspaper Of Legal Announcements

The shift of manager The texts generally indicate the boss or managers by name. They define a legal agent. In the event of a vacancy in these parts (death or sale of shares), the company appoints new people. A change of the articles of association is vital to take into account these essential changes in the legal life of the company. Change of registered post All pieces of corps must notify the registered office of the guild concerned. In the event of a shift in said seat, you must use the texts to update this info. The procedure for amending the statutes Changing the rulesis a main act in the life of any party. It operates according to a detailed process that you must imperatively follow.

Generally, the texts set the conditions for their modification. The prior decision of the shareholders or partners Before any modification of the statutory texts, the partners or shareholders must approve the operation. This happens through a vote. The needs differ relying on the types of companies. Sometimes a simple majority of 2/3 is enough. On the other hand, some decisions require unanimity. In a limited liability company (SARL) The decision to modify the articles of association takes place during an extraordinary general meeting with a majority of 2/3 or ¾ of the shares. The proof of the procedure requires a quorum of 2/3 of the shares of the shareholders present.

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