Mommy Influencers’ Are A Separate

A YouTube ad from a whopping 5:39. You read that right: five minutes and thirty-nine seconds! A man (Jesse Klavern) stands with the Groen Links election program in his hand. He looks into the camera and says, “This is our election manifesto. This contains all our plans for the Netherlands.” These texts are also large in the picture. In the last, fifth, second, the text of his next sentence appears on the screen: “And I can imagine that you are not going to read this from A to Z.” To my amazement (I don’t like watching ads) I watched the full 5.5 minutes. Why? Because as a viewer I feel understood. That’s because I fully understand a dilemma I have: I want to read political party programs, but don’t have or don’t have the time for them. In fact, Groen Links not only understands this, but they also offer me concrete help. By talking me through the entire program in less than 6 minutes. When I have seen the complete advertisement I am excited. So excited that for the first time in my life I am considering voting for Groen Links.

Influencers’ Are A Separate

Mission accomplished , you might think. Until I wonder what they actually said about a subject that is very important to me as an ex-military: defense. Nothing! That’s too bad. Because without a (credible) ‘we will stick to the NATO standard of 2% of GNP for defense’, a party cannot count on my vote. So although a complete party program has been Nigeria Phone Number List looked through here in 5.5 minutes, even here something is missing. This is an omission of subject. Not so much in the ad, but in the subject of the ad, the political program itself. The art of leaving out In short, here we see three different ways a political party can handle the 5-second attention span for election ads on YouTube: Keep it general (D66) Ask a question (Groen Links short) Solve a problem and take your time (Groen Links long) And for all three forms something is left out: Omission of… specificity reply topic Is that problematic?

Are A Separate

In principle not: short, powerful messages always ask for omission. As a pitch coach I do nothing but delete, delete and delete. The trick is to keep the message personal, relevant and specific despite all the omissions. And to sometimes just disregard conventions, such as the definition of ‘short’. As far as I’m concerned, Groen Links shows with both election advertisements that it has an excellent command of this art and that it is possible to actually come into contact with voters in extremely little time (5 seconds).Column – Influencer marketing is big business. Big names such as Monica Gauze, Mischa Feoktistova and Enzo Know are the online rock stars of our time. ‘Mommy influencers’ are a separate branch that creates online visibility for the brands they work with. But the success of the many, many mommy influencers also has a dark side.

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