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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are becoming the Philippines Phone Number. Driving force for Digital Transformation and one of the key elements. To capitalize on their potential advantages to the maximum is being able to count on highly qualified skills. In such a rapidly changing economic environment, companies must be able to seize the opportunities offered. By digital transformation to develop and offer solutions that meet customer needs. Said Pierpaolo Talento, Senior Vice President, EMEA South of CA Technologies.

A Hackathon to develop ideas and seize market opportunities.

Taking advantage of the experience gained within the API Academy – the CA Technologies Philippines Phone Number structure that makes use of the support of experts for the professional updating of customers and partners – the CA API Skills was launched in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. Biomedical, Information Technology, management, mathematics, physics, and space. The project is part of CA Technologies’ ” Create Tomorrow ” social responsibility program.

“An advanced use of APIs can. Accelerate this process of digital transformation of companies, which is why the development of adequate skills is essential.

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