Option Of Google Ads Is Not Yet Applied

To avoid the dangers I just mentioned, always use the following seven rules for your broad match campaign. 1. Top 3 Highest Performing Keywords Create a broad campaign based on your top three top-performing keywords. Start with these three keywords first and create a separate ad group for each broad match. 2. Daily budget Set a daily budget. Keep the balance between maximum spend and enough room for Google to capitalize on opportunities in the auction. 3. Relevant to everyone Make your ads relevant to everyone. If you make them too specific for one keyword, your Quality Score will drop. 4. Add an RSA Add a responsive search ad (RSA).

Of Google Ads Is Not Yet Applied

A perfect way to vary your headlines and descriptions to be as relevant as possible for future searches. I myself have set up several experiments to investigate the added value of RSA within a broad campaign. The variants with RSA always achieved a higher quality score. 5. Bidding strategy based on conversions Work with a conversion-based Guam B2B List bidding strategy. For example, by adopting a maximize conversions bid strategy or a target CPA or target ROAS bidding strategy, you only participate in auctions in which Google deems it more likely to result in a conversion. 6. Set Conversion Target Set a conversion target . In principle, if you use an automated bidding strategy, Google does this based on the conversion goals that are set account-wide. However, you can set a separate conversion target per campaign. Especially because you mainly appeal to new users in a broad campaign, it is wise to use ‘soft’ expressions and therefore also set a soft goal as the conversion goal.


Google Ads Is Not Yet Applied

Because these are normally larger numbers, Google has more data to send. A nice next step is to set up a remarketing campaign based on the relevant soft-goal to actually turn users into customers. 7. Using exclusion lists Use exclusion lists. If your goal is to discover new opportunities within a broad campaign, it is important that you exclude keywords that you are already advertising on from your broad campaign. In addition, it is advisable to create a list of competitors and to exclude them as well. Improve organic results CTR One factor that is much debated is the click through rate (CTR). In other words: the percentage of people who do a search and click through to your website. Let this also be an important point within SEA.

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