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Santalucía has managed to make the dream of millions of fans come true; hand in hand with YouPlanet, he will join ‘Los Panas’ The first of these streamings will not Denmark Phone Number wait, next Wednesday, March 23, we will be able to enjoy this first Offering Different experience . If you don’t see the embedded video correctly, click here . A series of massive streamings Thanks to SANTALUCÍA we will have Denmark Phone Number the opportunity to see ‘Los Panas’ play in streaming, a group of talents that accumulate large audiences on Twitch. Auronplay is the Spanish-speaking streamer with the most followers on the planet; With nearly 12 million followers, their live shows bring together more than 100,000 people live.

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Biyin, the queen of Twitch, exceeds 2.4 million Denmark Phone Number while Perxitaa closes the podium with 2.1M. Reborn with 1.9M  Axozer with 1.7M and 8cho with 1.1M close this Denmark Phone Number group of streamers.  Who had never come together before to make a project.  Accumulate more than 21.2 million followers. a unique campaign ‘Los Panas by SANTALUCÍA’ is a YouPlanet production for SANTALUCÍA with the participation of all the creators involved in the project.

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Through an impressive and careful set design. We Denmark Phone Number can see Auronplay  Biyin  8cho  Axozer Reborn and Perxitaa share this spot that means. The first time SANTALUCÍA fully enters the world of gaming and Twitch. The world is changing fast and we have to Denmark Phone Number change with it,” the speech began. Thus, in addition to continuing to bet on the leadership of the company and the well-being of its workers, Mosseri has listed four pillars on which Instagram will pivot this year 2022.

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