Searches On Google and Search Partner Sites

But LinkedIn stands out because you can target on: Employees of a particular company People with a certain function Job groups and skills Look-a-likes from your selected target group This last option is similar to Facebook’s ability to extend your targeting. Again, you must monitor this function closely. Furthermore, it is still possible to retarget with the help of the LinkedIn pixel ( LinkedIn Insight Tag ) or to target promising companies by means of lists. Screenshot of LinkedIn targeting. Google Ads The targeting options have also been expanded in Google Ads. By adding audiences to your Google Ads campaign, you can target your campaigns to a specific audience or increase bids for a specific audience. In the Google Display Network you have even more options to specify your target group.

On Google and Search Partner Sites

For example, you can choose that your advertisements are only placed on a number of websites. This is a valuable targeting method if you know which websites your target audience is visiting. Not sure which website your target audience is on? Then the option ‘keywords’ may be suitable. By entering related keywords, Google will show your Djibouti B2B List ad on pages containing those keywords. Screenshot of targeting to Google. In-market and affinity groups Google also has a number of pre-defined target groups. These are the in-market and affinity groups: target groups based on the active search behavior (in-market) or interests and habits of the searcher (affinity audiences). The difference between these two groups is that the in-market groups are less broad than the affinity audiences. Your campaign may not have a good in-market or custom affinity group.


Google and Search Partner Sites

Fortunately, Google has found a solution for this when you want to target in the Google Display Network. You can create a custom affinity audience or intent audience. By using a custom affinity audience, you create an audience that is relevant to your product or service based on searchers, interests, URLs, places or apps. For a custom intent audience it is possible to add keywords and URLs related to your service. Also read: Do we still need Snapchat as an advertising channel? Snapchat For Snapchat, first of all, it’s important to mention that there are two different ways to build your campaigns: Instant Create or Advanced Create , where Advanced Create has more extensive targeting options. If you have sufficient knowledge of Snapchat marketing, my advice is to opt for the Advanced Create option. Screenshot of Instant Create and Advanced Create on Snapchat.

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