Organizing Travel Abroad For Its Employees: How To Proceed?

To meet clients in foreign countries, to negotiate new partnerships or to attend an international congress, a business leader can send his employees. This business trip takes into account many parameters and requires good organization for its success. If you plan to dispatch employees abroad, you will therefore have to consider all of these elements. No matter how long they stay, you will need to ensure their safety and health. But this can be difficult if you do not have a perfect experience of missions abroad. To help you, we offer here the main guidelines to follow to properly organize the travel of your employees abroad. Before any business trip, a business leader or any organization must ensure that his envoys benefit from all the conditions to succeed in their missions.

Thus, after providing the mission order, he must think about the means of transport to be made available to them. To start, make a comparative table of the different possible choices: train, plane or bus? Above all, you will have to take into account the distance of the place of the mission from your main seat (the place of departure). Then, depending on the means you choose, you will be able to benefit from various reductions according to the railway, airline and other companies.If you consider the travel time and it remains relatively short, you can also advise your employees to opt for carpooling: it is an economical solution for a business trip. If the mission has to bring your envoys to a foreign country, you must also not forget to complete the various formalities.

Consider Insurance For Traveling Employees

You should also think about its means of transport on site. This will be decided according to the distance from the station or the airport in relation to the accommodation, and to the various meeting points. Find France Mobile Number Database out especially about public transport, the risks of possible traffic jams during the trip, etc. And for air travel, don’t forget to buy tickets in advance to take advantage of affordable fares. Consider insurance for traveling employees As an employer, you have the responsibility to protect your employees during their business trip abroad. To this end, you must not omit a very important element: insurance. In general, blue cards and civil liability cover all employees. But for a business trip abroad, you must ensure that insurance is provided for each employee.By subscribing to travel insurance.

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Before sending your employees on a business trip, take out business travel insurance for them to anticipate the majority of risks. In summary, here are some cases covered by this insurance: Medical care and hospitalization; Repatriation in the event of an offense and others; The delay or cancellation of the flight of your aircraft; Cases of theft, assault, etc. ; Legal fees; Accidents caused by natural disasters; Etc. You should therefore know that insurance remains essential for the organization and success of your business trip. They will protect your employees during their missions abroad and will also guarantee them many other specific advantages (higher ceilings, cash advance or assistance seven days a week). Provide accommodation for employees For the smooth running of a business mission abroad, the business manager must plan everything down to the smallest detail.

Provide Accommodation For Employees

including accommodation. For a business trip, you must, therefore, as the manager, check the availability.  The type of accommodation to be reserved. For example, you can opt for a hotel chain and take advantage of certain reductions.  With a loyalty card or a specific commercial partnership. Similarly, depending on the number of employees you want to send on a mission. The importance of the trip, you can choose a motel a private residence, etc. In any case, you must book before the departure date to avoid rushing. At the last moment and running out of space. Before choosing the accommodation of your employees. you will also have to take into account the price offers, and especially the distance which separates it from the meeting places.

Don’t forget to calculate the travel time between the different points and find the best compromise. The ideal is still to find affordable accommodation near the meeting places in order to guarantee.  Your employees more peace of mind.  Some other criteria to consider when booking the right accommodation. The various options and offers offered by the hotel; Available services and additional benefits; Ancillary services (maintenance, broker, etc.); Other parameters (breakfast time, quality of catering, etc.). Calculate all travel costs The success of a business trip also lies in the budget allocated to the mission. To start, decide on the number of employees you plan to send on a mission. A business trip can concern both a team and an individual.

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