Overweight In The Workplace: What Is Its Cost?

Nowadays, the subject of overweight has become a problem that affects all layers of society. More and more people are confronted with it on a daily basis, but also in business. For the latter, being overweight has repercussions on the smooth running of the company’s activities. This article sheds light on the impacts of such a state of affairs as well as the costs incurred. Overweight is defined as an excessive, even abnormal, accumulation of body fat that can harm health in the long term. To assess this situation, the body mass index is the most reliable indicator. Therefore, it is considered that a person is overweight when his body mass index is between 25 and 30. Several causes are at the origin of this state of things. The most common factors are: Excessive consumption of high calorie foods; Genetic predisposition; The lack of sports practice, etc.

This state of affairs results in a gradual deterioration in the state of health, thus reducing life expectancy and favoring the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. It can also be at the root of depression problems. All these consequences are even more serious when the individual evolves in a company. It is for this reason that more and more companies are concerned about the weight of their employees. Overweight, this new epidemic in companies For a good integration in the professional sphere , the physical form of an individual is a major component. As a result, the consequences of being overweight are not limited solely to the deterioration of the state of health. The more a person is with this problem, the harder his social life . In addition to the stigma, people who are overweight are sometimes forced to give up professional activities or positions.

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The consequences for the company are serious, especially since the figures from the various studies carried Switzerland Phone Number List out are alarming. This ever-growing epidemic has a economic impact for the companies whose staff . In France, the financial impact of overweight in companies is at billions of euros . This is a real problem to productivity, in because of the excess mortality of workers. Overweight, a real obstacle to business productivity The question of overweight is becoming more and more important and today concerns all layers of society. As a result, it is a real problem that many companies must address, particularly because of the impact on productivity. Indeed, the fact that an individual is overweight makes him particularly slow in performing his daily tasks .

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Similarly, the latter is frequently absent because of the health problems generated by this epidemic. Sleep disturbances are also present and make sufferers less productive. The decline in productivity caused by overweight in the workplace therefore takes several forms. The overweight individual has: A loss of motivation  ; A drop or lack of concentration  ; Acute stress, in particular linked to hormonal imbalance, etc. These different hormones are no longer able to control hunger cravings and will above all increase the harmful effects of overnutrition. To do this, all companies would benefit from including prevention programs in their administrative policies . The goal is to avoid as much as possible a shortfall which can reach significant proportions and above all obtain a gain in productivity.

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Catastrophic economic fallout for businesses The consequences of being overweight in a company are of several kinds and inevitably have a financial impact. Indeed, when in a company, some staff members suffer from this chronic disease, the repercussions in terms of cost can be catastrophic. This is , among other things, the fact a company with a loss of productivity sees its activities reduced and thus its income. Similarly, health insurance is one of the most affected poles is health insurance. The cost of insurance in the workplace is at billions of euros . The figures continue to climb, making it urgent to put in place measures to remedy the situation. This is all the more important because these costs do not only relate to medical expenses.

Being overweight also has repercussions on the costs of prolonged sick leave . Thus, overweight in business requires the involvement of managers in order to limit the cost as much as possible. Overweight in business, a source of non-employability and unemployment According to the WHO, being overweight is a chronic disease which is becoming more and more serious every day. Beyond the cost to the company, being overweight is a real problem when it comes to the employability of individuals . It indeed conditions the professional life of individuals, because in addition to health problems, when skills are equal, many companies prefer to hire thinner people. These overweight people generally for positions. However, the problem of overweight continues to increase. Companies do well to precautions to ensure.

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