It Paints A Picture Of Reality

Google Ads automatically tests different combinations in ads over time and learns which combinations perform best. Visual explanation Google on how Responsive Search Ads works. Visual explanation Google on how Responsive Search Ads works. Google and Microsoft have invested heavily in these RSAs in 2020. This allows you to use more dynamic fields and improves reporting. This kind of focus on certain product developments gives us a good idea of ​​the path Google will take in the future. Did you know, for example, that Expanded Text Ads could temporarily no longer be created in some accounts? A clear signal that Google wants to get rid of our beloved ETAs in the long run.

Paints A Picture Of Reality

So the question at this point is not whether you believe in this. The question is: have you already run a test with an RSA-only campaign in 2020? 4. LinkedIn targeting within Microsoft Ads You would almost forget it in the midst of all the Google violence. But Microsoft is certainly not sitting still. For example, this year Microsoft added LinkedIn Christmas Island B2B List targeting to their Microsoft Ads capabilities. Extremely interesting for all B2B marketers and a clear response to the B2B audiences within Google Ads. 5. Custom audiences available to everyone Audiences based on first-party data are essential now that more and more browsers delete cookies so quickly. For example, my colleague Tije wrote a blog earlier this year about the battle for your data and how you can still bake something from your cookies.


A Picture Of Reality

And let the tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have a lot of first-party data. With the new target groups such as Google’s custom audiences, you as a marketer can segment much better for relevant users. At Traffic Builders, for example, we created custom audiences that matched our customer’s personas. My tip for 2021 is therefore to get started with this yourself if you are not using this function yet. Employee busy with SEA. Promising SEA trends for 2021 Now that we have the developments of 2020 in focus again, I am sharing the 6 upcoming trends that I expect. The impact of COVID should of course not be missing, but I also refer to the latest information from Google and Microsoft. Of course, there are also some assumptions based on the trends that we have already observed in 2020 at Traffic Builders. 1. COVID 19: the impact in 2021 2.

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