Performance Marketing Is Playing an Increasingly Important

For example, with good photography and accurate image editing, you can capture, emphasize and even magnify the beauty of light. That is valuable, because it allows you to leave an indelible impression with your campaign, as Vermeer has amply proven. How strong that feeling is, and what that feeling is, of course depends on the viewer. But that does not mean that the painter cannot aim for a specific feeling. The feeling you want to evoke is also crucial for the development of the campaign for social advertising. The feeling you want to achieve with a new hamburger from a fast food chain may be radically. Different from that of a service to protect companies against hackers. Not only the feeling itself, but also how you achieve it.

Marketing Is Playing an Increasingly Important

For example, do you use people (‘real’ portraits, or stock?), and if so: where and how do you place them in an advertisement. What role do they assume, and what message do they have to convey? Do I make them laugh, or not? By having the desired feeling clear in advance, you can make such choices sharper. Do you use Hong Kong Phone Number List painting by the classical masters yourself, or other art forms as a source of inspiration for your social advertising campaigns? For this article, I spoke with Wendy Fossen and Paul Schilling of the Mauritshuis about the surprising similarities between painting and social advertising during a virtual tour of the museum. I would like to thank them for the great insights, passion for art and pleasant cooperation.


Is Playing an Increasingly Important

Performance marketing is playing an increasingly important role in the digital B2B marketing landscape. In order to achieve the best results, it is becoming increasingly important for advertisers to measure which (branded) content marketing effort yields the most return on investment. That is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the opportunities that performance marketing has to offer, so that you can (adjust) use all available distribution channels to achieve maximum return from the campaigns. What is performance marketing?  These actions are then measured and optimized, taking the return on investment (ROAS) as the starting point. Unlike traditional marketing, with performance marketing the advertiser knows exactly what kind and how many actions there are in return for an investment.

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