Physical Shopping And Shopping After Corona

Rationally, you would expect this mindset to make us a little more cautious or healthier, but the opposite is true. It turns out that it makes us more sensitive to everything that transcends our mortality. On the one hand, this effect explains the increasingly polarized. Opinions that are marring the public debate in the light of the corona crisis. On the other hand, it affects – in a more innocent way – our product preferences. Psychological studies (van Pommel et al., 2015) show that awareness of mortality increases our attraction to 3 specific product types. Luxury items Famous brands Local brands In the light of Terror Management Theory. It is therefore not surprising that the luxury car segment performed relatively surprisingly well during the lockdown. Products, categories and brands that have a symbolic value appease the mortality mindset. 3.

Shopping And Shopping After Corona

For some of them, relaxations unfortunately came too late. But the companies that manage to recover from this period of protracted Morocco WhatsApp Number List adversity can look forward to a number of golden years. Although this is certainly positive news for the retailer, it does not mean that everything should continue in the same way. Because although many human drives and habits will return to the way they were, this does not apply to the inconveniences that we dealt with at an increased pace during the lockdowns. Web shops have been thrown into the online lap of a large part of the shoppers – of which only a small part will probably return to the brick retailer for functional purchases in particular.


Shopping After Corona

Retailers have already made a transition to more experience-oriented retail in the past decade. That jump is more important than ever in the period after the corona crisis. The function of physical retail shifts to fun, physical interaction and a place where you go to tell others you’ve been there. In short: the store is more than ever a day out. Shopping on smartphone 4. Online shopping because of corona And what about the online retailer? They did good business when consumers had no choice but to shop online, but what can they expect from the future? Here too, the rule of thumb applies that the consumer seeks the path of least resistance. E-commerce will maintain its leading position when it comes to functional products that can be purchased more easily, faster and cheaper online.

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