Pick-To-Light: What Is This Solution?

With the evolution of the market and the need for rationalization, traditional picking methods appear more and more obsolete, as they are already very expensive for warehouses. Gone are the days of having to walk through the entire warehouse in search of this or that ordered product, wasting time and money. The light signal pick-up system, also known as Pick-to-light, stands out as a very effective solution. This article provides you with clear information on this solution to guide you in your choice.

which lights up where the product ordered by the customer for direct debit (picking). Once the sample has been taken, the manager can then turn off the lamp. There are several piking processes, the principles and technical means of which you can of course explore . An uncomplicated device The device is actually a module which is nothing more than a computer terminal fitted with a scanner and connected to a radio transmitter or a controller which enables it to communicate with the stock management system.

Increasingly Ingenious Validation Solutions

The WMS is a real virtual storage manager that allows the user to manage all possible tasks in a Panama Phone Number List warehouse, in an automated way. To learn more, read this article can be useful to you. Once the operator has an order they want to pick, they go to the location indicated by the light. He observes the display which indicates the quantity to be taken. He takes the sample according to the quantity indicated and presses the button which is found right next to the display.

he will use a computerized trolley which is also to the system. Here, each time the operator takes a sample, he will store the product in a specific location on his cart. As these locations are also each with a digital display and an LED, the system will identify, as soon as a picking operation is , the specific location where the LED will begin to flash. The operator deposits the product there and presses the button. As you can already see, this solution has many advantages. Thanks to Pick-to-light, make the most of savings The very first merit of this method is that it relieves the pain of the agents in charge of the sample by saving them time and energy.

What Are The Different Possible Pick-To-Light Solutions?

From an economic point of view, Pick-to-lightspeeds up the processing of orders and thus makes it possible to achieve incredible order peaks. Furthermore, this solution has the advantage of being and is therefore very little subject to errors. The margin of error is almost zero, which increases the performance and credibility of this method. There are therefore no longer any errors with traditional stock cards.

thanks to the WMS which reports in real time each stage of the sampling process by radio frequency wave; A considerable improvement in yield and productivity which can increase by up to 30%; A speed of appropriation by the new operator, because the Pick-to-light solution is quite simple to understand; No more stationery to drag around like in the past Finally, the objective is to eliminate errors bad sampling. What are the different possible Pick-to-light solutions? There is a diverse range of Pick-to-light modules.

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