The Picture Will Never Be Complete

You can achieve this with the ‘maximize conversions’ feature. If you’re looking for more efficiency and control, stop using the ‘maximize conversions’ feature and use the ‘enhanced cpc’ feature, for example. Enhanced CPC is a feature in Google Ads that automatically increases the bids of high-performing keywords by up to 30%. It also works the other way around. The bids of lower-performing keywords are reduced by up to 99%. That saves a lot of manual work, but you determine the bids and keep control over the expenses. Have you achieved more than 15 conversions in 30 days? Then you can use target cpa. With this function you no longer determine the bids yourself, but you indicate the approximate cost of a conversion.

Picture Will Never Be Complete

Google Ads will then try to achieve as many conversions as possible for this amount. Of course, this has to be a realistic amount, otherwise your campaign will collapse. But that way you can keep control of your expenses. Does the China B2B List optimization score in Google Ads make sense? Yes, because it helps you to discover new possibilities. My advice is to visit them regularly. They often contain useful and good tips. It also becomes very important for agencies with a Google Ads certification to regularly review the recommendations for improving the optimization score. Fortunately, Google also offers the option to decline recommendations. That way they no longer count for determining the optimization score, but that does mean that you have to pay constant attention to them.


Will Never Be Complete

And as mentioned, stay critical of the recommendations for improving the optimization score. Many optimizations that significantly improve the score will increase your spending. That is by no means feasible for every advertiser. Therefore, always look beyond the recommendations of Google. Hopefully, the tips in this article will help you along the way.You have studied all online marketing channels and wonder how you can grow even further now that you have already optimized so much for your webshop. To stay one step ahead of your competition, you can get involved with machine learning (AI). In this article I will show you 12 concrete and simple machine learning tools for webshop that you can apply immediately.

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