Consider Placing Multiple Campaigns Under

Once the consumer has linked their account and signed up for the additional content. The advertiser can then notify the game that the game is available. Search results Now that Stadia is live and offers games for its own platform. It is most desirable for Google to make a close connection between. The search results in web browsers and the available games. If someone is looking for a new game that is also available on Stadia. Then of course Google wants to be visible next to the retailers who sell the game. Google would then be able to show ads that relate to its own stock. A potential customer can then proceed to purchase the product in a manner similar to that of retailers. Google Stadia: gaming catalog. It could also be the other way around: ads offered in the Google Stadia gaming catalog.

Placing Multiple Campaigns Under

Google will want to offer a large part of the games itself, just like other consoles. However, in the absence of a title in the Stadia network, special search ads could potentially redirect someone. Very likely this is not as Google Germany Business Fax List wants to provide full support and may not want to promote the competing consoles. If support on Stadia is not possible for some titles, Google can still earn from it this way. dates, dates, dates Finally, we come back to what is probably the most important motivation for Google: data. Linking existing Google accounts with Google Stadia can determine the individual’s interests even more precisely.


Multiple Campaigns Under

This allows you to choose a highly relevant target group when including the target group for your campaign, in order to show your campaign at the right times in both display and search. This could extend to, for example, the frequency of gaming, the time spent per device and the genres in which someone is active. At that time, Google not only has insight into consumer behavior on the browser, but also in-game. Google Stadia: screens. The marketing possibilities are endless Although it is currently unknown whether Google also has commercial intentions with Stadia, the marketing possibilities are endless. This includes purchasing in-game advertising, offering commercial expressions in the gaming catalog and a higher ad relevance based on more available data. Gamers are generally harder to reach. They are less exposed to commercial expressions in current marketing channels.

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