Plant Trees While Using a Search Engine Search Engines

Relinquish control with Auto Applied Recommendations Google is automating more and more work of SEA specialists. Last year a new feature was launched, namely Auto Applied Recommendations (or AAR). Google AAR options Google AAR options As the name suggests, these are automatically implemented recommendations that Google itself applies. You don’t even have to give permission for that. For example, AAR allows you to automatically remove the keywords that are not displayed or conflicting keywords. AAR optimization score example AAR optimization score example AAR is all about improving the quality of your Google Ads account. However, take a critical look at the recommendations, because with AAR you do relinquish control. Check whether or not the recommendations are applicable to your company.

Trees While Using a Search Engine Search Engines

Keep testing the AAR features and evaluate which ones work best for you. 2. Maximize your campaign results The work for advertisers is becoming more and more challenging due to the more complex customer journey, due to the growing number of touchpoints. Which campaigns do you use to be visible at the right moments in the customer journey? And how do you best divide the budgets? Google has the Cable, Pay Tv Services Email List answer to these kinds of questions: Performance Max campaigns , a new kind of Google Ads campaign. Performance Max campaigns achieve the maximum result for your company across different Google Advertising channels (Search, Display, YouTube, Discovery, Gmail & Google Maps), based on machine learning and automation. With the Performance Max campaigns, advertisers are one step closer to full automation. 3.


While Using a Search Engine Search Engines

Plant trees while using a search engine Search engines are getting greener. It is not new, but very emerging: purpose driven search engines. In 2022 we will encounter more and more sustainable search engines and initiatives. Microsoft is contributing a lot for this, has always been active in entering into partnerships with search engine parties and is adding more and more names to that list. These parties use the revenue from advertisements to finance their sustainable initiatives. For example, Ocean Hero is fighting against the plastic soup and paying people in Indonesia to clean up and collect plastic bottles. Eloisa uses the proceeds to plant trees where they are needed most. So through these sustainable initiatives you can plant trees or make the sea cleaner, all while you search.

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